Why my midi containers are so large in the midi editor ?

Hi everyone,

In the midi editor, the containers are infinite : even if there is only one note, and the container is very small, I have to zoom to see the note. It’s very annoying. I can’t adjust the length of the containers like I see in tutorials (whose length is almost everytime the good length).

Do you know how to fix that ?

Thank you!


Could you share a screenshot, please? I can’t imagine how does it look like.

Sure : here is the screenshot (the midi editor is on the right and the project windows on the left) :


There is only one note, the container dure only one bar and it’s seems that the midi container is as long as the project.

In the Editor, you have Unasable Theory text written in the toolbar. Click the 2nd button on the left from this one (“Show Part Border”), with the Left and Right flags. Now you will see the borders of the MIDI Part.

Same topic today morning here. :wink:

Thank you for your help. I’m very sorry for my late reply.

I have found the “Show Part Border” button, but only in the small midi editor windows (on the bottom of the project) : when I click on the button “Open in a different windows” (with the arrow), I can’t find this button anymore. Even if this button is activated in the small windows, this problem isn’t fixed in the main midi editor.

(By the way, do you know how to open directly the main midi editor windows when I click in a midi container ? Since I work on two screens, I don’t need this small windows on the bottom of the project).

Thank’s again,

Select “Double-Click opens Editor in a Window” rather than the default of “Lower Zone”

Thank you!