Why no easy peasy VST Live first set up including a demo project for novices?

The demo song that comes with VST Live does not work on my setup, not a very good start. Cant see any activity when I press play. Where do I start? If I am to invest in this, the demo track provided needs to work properly, I cant tell whether it is working or not. How do you tell within VST Live, no wave activity shows at all. Thank god I chose to use the free trial instead of purchasing this.
Are there any other ‘demo’ projects I could download and try? Why no set up instructions for the available “Ghosts Of The …” project?
Forgive me if I am being stupid (I may be of course) but I really cant tell if I have set up the demo project correctly, no VU meters, no audio out put, nothing!!!
I also run Cubase 12 on my Laptop here using a Roland Quad Capture and that works fine!
I was thinking of purchasing VST Live but oh boy!

Did you set the audio device and output in the opening screen (hub)?

Yes of course, and also on the live gui as well in “Devices” and “Connections” perhaps its not happy with my Quad Capture card. Funny as this works fine with Cubase 12.
Having had a look around, I thought VST Live might be a ‘lighter’ option to taking full on Cubase for live shows but having had so many problems with VST Live including failing to get any sound. I can see that it lacks functionality (eg no right click for info or options??!!) Seems overly complex but lacks real interface and delivery with so many people having issues importing Cubase songs as well.
I will use Cubase I think and check back a couple years time to see if Steinberg have improved things on VST LIVE, currently it is not fit for my purpose.
Thanks for letting me trial it, perhaps a little help at this stage with more demo songs and a very basic first set up and cubase song import may have helped!
Thumbs down!

How so?

Which ones do you refer to? There are context menus in the relevant places, at least.

Majority says the opposite.

…all of which were resolved.

It’s understood that you don’t like it, and that’s ok, but you cannot just put up claims like that whithout elaborating, and thereby lead our potential customers to judge before even trying. It may not fit everybody, but we do have a lot of happy customers.

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Not once despite checking my Quad Capture driver configurations both on the Hub and then on Devices and Connections, could I get a sound! I cant see any VU type indicators to even view if sound is happening. I returned to Cubase to check and the Quad Capture works perfectly.
I have now spent multiple hours attempting to get Live working and am at the point of giving up.
The lack of right click issues although not show stoppers, mean that I cant see any info or provide any functionality in my workflow. Not being able to visualize audio playback would be a major issue for me in a live situation on stage. I would like to see Wavs or VU’s at least of audio dancing on playback. For me this aint happening. The one demo provided may be corrupt I guess, it would be a good policy to have some alternatives to get started and importantly there doesnt seem to be any info anywhere at all, to set VST Live up for the first time. I dont know what it looks like or supposed to look like when working properly. As I said it may be an issue with VST Live and my Roland Quad Capture card. I have no way of telling.
I am not saying VST Live is useless for everyone, I am giving you my experience as ‘feedback’ from a would be newbie who really would have liked to utilize this promising software. I am a busy musician and when dealing with new software and utilities there needs to be a significant investment in learning time to become fully conversant with the product.
If I was working for Steinberg, launching a new product I would make sure there was more support and help for newbies for instance a getting started for the first time, and example set up, troubleshooting guides etc all of this on documentation and video. I could find none of the above.

pls post pictures of the hub, audio devices settings, and connections (audio tab).