Why no Feature or Enhancement request forum?

The plug-in manager debate got me wondering why there is no Feature or Enhancement request forum?

Maybe there is one and I just haven’t found it but since this is Steinberg’s official site it seems like logical way to make and gauge the popularity of these types of requests.

That’s not a bad suggestion, it might clean up the clutter in some other areas.

I’m all for that.

Because we’d ask for features. Some day when you are a big name DJ or Electronica/Dance Producer (that, like Timbaland, I’ll still never have heard of), you too can ask for features.


+1 don’t they make work clothes and footwear ?


With voting! :slight_smile:… I could suggest features all day… i can think of quite a few…

I’ve asked for this for years. Better organization, a “moan zone” as well as a “feature request” forum. No luck yet.


Not a bad idea at all! +1
Some companies DO listen to requests… FXpansion are a VERY good example!

I can just see it now…

full of little tracker bois sayin “wot i need is to press the button an get all noo choonz wiv all noo sounds only more beter kwality and 3d culur”

Heaven. :laughing:

Well, here we have the lounge :confused:

A dedicated forum would be an improvement, for sure !

bye, Jan