Why no internal VR Video Player?

Hey folks,

one thing I really, really love about Nuendo is the “all-in-one” solution. We have all the effects, mixing tools, metering tools, ADR tools, sound design tools, etc. directly integrated within Nuendo. With Pro Tools for example you need a lot of external tools to get going.

I was very excited when VR audio was announced and released. Especially with Nuendo having its own video engine since version 8, I thought this will be an all internal solution. So my question is: Why do we have to use an external video player to play back a 360 video?

With developing your own video engine I think it should be possible to add this feature to your own video player instead of relying on third party tools. What do you guys think? Am I missing something?

It’s a cumbersome solution at the moment. In Nuendo 8.3 you have almost everything in order to produce für 360 Vr without any additional Plug Ins like FB Spatial Workstation or Audioease 360 Suite. But I wish an option to display my audiosources within the video like it’s done in above mentioned plug ins. However in the promotional Videos for 8.3 Release it sounded like there are more features to come for 360 VR in Nuendo. May be we see the better implementation for the video in the next release.

By the way, last week I tried both 360 Plug Ins - FB Spatial Workstation and Audioease 360 Suite - I couldn’t make it work. The Ambisonics and Binaural Stuff works as intended. But the audio sources overlay for the video didn’t work in both.
Someone who get it work out there?

I really hope so. It just doesn’t feel right to have everything on your hand to produce VR content except the video player.

I’ve only worked with FB Spatial Workstation and as far as I know it was never intended to display anything within the integrated video engine. The workstation comes with its own video player and I think that is the only way of using it. Don’t know about Audioease.