Why no update-info since 1 week although there´re some

I don´t understand those things:
companies like here Steinberg making News- & Announce-Sections on there websites and forum, but didn´t post in time when something is new
actual example: since 24.03.2021 an update for HALion6 and smaller is avilable “6.4.20” but nowhere infos about this, found it by looking around in the download-tool

normaly no problem, but I wanna know, what changed in the update, but without news there´s no history-link to find, and yes, I think I looked everywhere


For 6.4.2 was announced March 3th actually

I don’t know why in the download manager stands March 24. Maybe it was re uploaded for any reason?

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thanks for the info @Knopf

my problem or better confusion was due to installing CubasePro11 and the SDA is of course not an Assistant (as we, but not Steinberg, know :wink: ) , because he didn´t tell you what you have and what not
and by this I saw the date and thought it was something new…

but why is the Version History in SDA always only under the product (f.e. in HALion6) and not also under Cubase11 where HALion also is listed to download? so if I want infos, I have to switch from Cubase to VST-Instruments than to HALion6 (resp. SE etc.) to find this informations :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: or other asking:
why are all other download-assistants from other companys really helpful, but the Steonberg one not? that drives me crazy everytime I have to install/update something, or setting up new PC