Why no update to step sequencer in over a decade?

Typing “step sequencer” into the search brings up a 10 year old thread.
Why I’m even asking after that amount of time, is probably foolish, but I’ll continue, anyways.

What is Steinberg’s logic not updating or making an new version of a step sequencer?
Clearly, it’s in demand. And may be one of the easiest things to implement.

Whether someone coming from FL Studio, or people that want a step up from Ablelton -
Or just want a change from Logic, Reason or Studio One (all of which have functional step sequencers) what incentive is there in that regard? The current process for using the step sequencer in Cubase is as follows:

-Open Groove Agent
-Audition drum sounds
-Drag them into groove agent
-Open beat designer as a midi insert
-Create a drum map
-Now you’re ready

That’s an insane amount of steps for something that could be 1 or 2.
That’s not where the problems stop, unfortunately.
There’s no way to put an equal value for all steps. One hit could be 93% and another could be 86%. It just matters where on the open space you place your mouse. LOL! May I remind everyone, this is the most expensive DAW by several hundred dollars in it’s PRO version.
Having to look at 3rd party plug-ins (MPC, Battery, etc) for something this simple,
yet necessary, just isn’t right.

And before I hear, “Why don’t you use this method or that method”, I’ve tried, and they’re all arduous.
I know people live and die by the drum editor, but I’m sorry, myself and everyone I’ve ever asked uses 3rd party plug-ins for drums inside of Cubase. Groove Agent is my least favorite vst in Cubase and Placing a diamond on an infinite amount of points can be useful for some, but for those of us who aren’t making super complicated drum patterns, and who also come from using traditional step sequencers, it just makes no sense.

I really hope to stay with Cubase, as I love the program for everything else. I just wish they’d focus on the basics, instead of updating things that no one uses. I have a feeling after 10 years of asking, I’m just barking in the wind.

Try FL Studio step editor and wooooo…Cubase is SO boring about it !

Honestly, I’d just be happy with anything that resembled something made in the 2000’s, while being functional.