why no upgrade offer for Groove Agent 4 SE to Groove Agent 4

why no upgrade offer for Groove Agent 4 SE to Groove Agent 4 full?

When you buy a Cubase license you’re paying for the DAW, everything else included with it is just a free bonus, and can’t be upgraded (except for Padshop, which can be upgraded to Padshop Pro at a big discount).

Thank you for answering…

I do not think, that your answer explains it completely. As an owner of one of Steinbergs products, I think, that I am more eligible for an offer, than a completely new customer. Secondly, if you strip Cubase from all add on VSTs, than it would not be as attractive. I think, that Groove Agent 4 SE has awakened my interest towards the full version, so why not offer me a discount, as they do with Padshop Pro. I guess it’s a matter of opinions…

Hi rumlee,

If you’ve subscribed to their newsletter you would have been informed of all their sale offers throughout the year!

I took advantage of their Valentine’s Sale and purchased Groove Agent 4 and The Grand 3 for half price! :smiley:

Check your inbox for their next sale! :wink:

Kind regards

James Colah


Thank you yes I see it now, I just didn’t pay attention back then. I hope another opportunity comes.

I know this is an old post but I would really like to see a nice discount for ga4 and halion in the very near future​:grin::grin::grin::grin:

Just bought it half price.