Why Not a Cubase Server?

To have a dedicated local server that launches automatically with Cubase like VEPro seems like an obvious improvement on workflow for all.
Open an instrument track in Cubase and under the hood it is being loaded into the server, no connecting, just done.
Quick Save (uncoupled)
Normal Save
Server project Save
Have multiple projects running simultaneously, jump between them in a flash. If Cubase crashes you’re back up and running in 10 seconds flat.
Unless VSL have the copyright on the whole server concept, I don’t see why every DAW doesn’t have this.
It wouldn’t have to ship with Cubase, it would be an add on. I’d pay for it.


This has always been obvious for me too, especially after the release of Iconica, for the simple reason that it is unusable without such a server.



It would be awesome to be able to use the power of several computers.


This has been talked about since SX1… in a different context. Namely:


It’s the same technical problem. And before the developers stopped talking to the public (2005ish?) we were told it was impossible given the core code.

hmmm… maybe as the request mentioned, if it was an add-on, rather than part of cubase, it could be done… Think outside the box Steinberg! Literally, actually…

It’s a great idea. But they also have to improve how the instrument racks behave (especially the outputs).

Yes, especially if it allowed the server to also act as a dsp farm for vst insert plugins!

Hmmm… doesn’t seem impossible to vienna ensemble pro…
Great idea, big +1.

+1 I also requested a networked solution before. Not only VEPro but SoundGrid also proves it’s not impossible.

Seems to be a very good idea, add to that the server run on mighty linux server!

impossible given the core code. :frowning:

Sums up Cubase and, most likely, the state of the globe. :wink:

+1 to Cubase Server.

GREAT idea, YES!

Cubase Server would be a GREAT feature for Cubase 11. Let’s make it real :slight_smile:

To make it wider applicable than Cubase only, how about VST4: VSToE (over ethernet)?