Why play this staccato?

The following two vilin staff playbacks staccato short notes, while the viola played back in right way… I checked many times but there are not applied any kind of articulation, In the play view the midi notes are legato, I tired “reset playback overrides” but didn’t help…
What can I do?

The most likely explanation is that the violins have the wrong expression map…

Which playback template are you using?

I’m sure that’s dummy question, but I don’t know what is expression map, and how to setup it….
I just recently come from Finale….

I didn’t setup any template….I made an orchestral mock-up in Pro Tools, and than imported as Midi files to Dorico to make the score and parts for the players….(that’s way i working…).I working on that imported file, and saving as Dorico format….
The playback works well, but starts that “play every note spiccato” thing, in the middle of the score and just only for the two violins the chello and Viola plays legato…. There are note any expression on that notes, not the legato is the default expression?

My first question would be what VST instruments are you using for the Dorico playback? Any chance some instruments have been assigned “short” samples instead of legato?

I using just the bundled Halion SE. Dorico reconized the instruments from the Midi imported file, but not the entire score has this problem, just at a particular bars, in the rest of the score playback right, when I staccato expression plays staccato, when insert pizz play piccicato, even the legato works too at the rest of the score….strange….

My guess would be there’s something odd about the original MIDI file for those few bars.

If you channeled multiple parts to the same HALion channel, an expression on one staff could affect all the instruments tied to the same MIDI instrument track.

I Dont know, is strange because in play view in Dorico the midi notes looks, long but played back short staccato…

Can you upload the offending section, so we can see your settings?

Thank you, but somehow the problem disappeared, I don’t know how, I just continue to working other spots off the score, and than started to works well the problematic spot too….