Why So Condescending?

I am new to Cubase. Not sure I understand why some of the people who have been using this software for years are unwilling to help those of us who have not. I honestly try to resolve issues on my own prior to posting, but if the function I am attempting to execute does not appear to be operating properly, it is my hope that if a senior member knows the answer, be it even a simple one, he/she would be willing to share that knowledge rather than posting sarcastic and degrading comments.

I thought we were here to help each other.


what was your question?

My point exactly.


It has nothing to do with you being new. Its the crowd here. Rude, snide, pious, aholes for the most part

Youll know them by their posts, it will say RTFM or Google is your friend

On that note. Any questions you have PM me and Ill be glad to give it a go

There are many people who are sympathetic and willing to help, especially if it looks like you’ve tried to solve things yourself first, which it looks like you have. Don’t be put off by the minority :slight_smile:

The majority are good people…dont let the few bad apples ruin the bunch. How can we help?

It used to be worse if you can believe that! I used to be around here back when I was using ver 4, it was so bad I didn’t come back till version 6. Support during that time period wasn’t much better.

Things have improved around here… don’t let a small group of ‘arses’ wreck your day. :mrgreen:

I rather hope most of us are. I certainly try to help when I can. But you’re right to some extent. I’m betting most of these people wouldn’t be so rude in real life with the screen of anonymity removed.

However, there is another side to this that I for one have fell victim to more than once. You get people come here, panicking over some problem or another, pleading for help. You then go out of your way, sometimes spending time and effort to offer solutions, only to see them disappear without trace and not even post back with the “magic” word.

Don’t let them get you down :wink:

that was me offering to help you in your issue, i even went to find your post and tried to help you…

the attitude has to go both ways, you posted the last question then started complaining 10 mins later because nobody had replied to help. i’m always happy to help people if i’m on the forum

I do find it interesting that often it seems like the people who offer the least help are the first to post a reply.

The people who post rudely are for the most part very predictable, but you can count on them posting like that whenever possible, wherever possible, apparently because they have no life outside of this forum.

Don’t let it bother you.

I truly don’t understand why some folks post negative comments especially the RTFM which is silly. I think it would be much better to ignore the poster instead of being mean. However in the case of packerfan ,I think you have elicited some of this as you seem to post first,then maybe look to the manual for an answer. Doesn’t seem like you’ve bothered to watch the tutorials (your choice of course) or even search the PDF .if this is your approach ,then you’ll always be in search of basic info not expanding your knowledge of rudimentary concepts at all. Again your choice but don’t be surprised if you’re seen as tedious

I ve posted answers to some question and don’t recall you acknowledging the response. Your post ,screaming all caps, that the mixer was unusable ,made before you even tried a reinstall ,is bound to put some folks off. Look wouldn’t it make sense to exhaust the basics first before screaming and adding to the forum noise over a non issue. Also your post about Step Recording, how did you not simply Cntrl F on the PDF and find this??? I just did.

Anyway I’m sure your forum experience will improve over time

And here you clearly outline a reason why someone who is usually helpful might post “RTFM”…hypocrisy?

I think that the community side of asking questions on the forum is way more fun and educative than reading the manual or any PDF.

Don’t get me wrong …I’m the kind of guy who reads the whole manual but even if I do, I’m still missing some stuff … and most of the time when you ask something on the forum, you end up learning more than what you asked for!

What I’m saying is, we should be nice to one another no matter if it’s in the manual or not.
We share the same passion and we all want to get better!

Not replying to a question is always better than replying rudely without helping :slight_smile:

Draconis - no not hypocrisy. I try to post only what I would say to a person face to face . The specific phrase,“Read the Fking Manual" is just harsh to me and I don’t think most who throw it about casually would say that to someone in person. Its the word "Fking”. That would be go time for most people I know.Why type that in a forum? To me, at the point you’re going to type that ,why not just let it go and not respond? If it was just RTM ,thats one thing, but RTFM is just not good.

The Internet (queue the original Start Trek theme), almost the final frontier :laughing: … bring your Teflon suit, you’ll need it from time to time. People who would treat you with some respect face to face find it all too easy to let their alter-egos do the typing. There will always be this element, its human darkness, without it there’d be no light.

So, none of that should be a surprise really, especially if you’ve been here (the Interweb) since the start.

End of sermon. :sunglasses:

Have a lovely day, make some music, worry not! :smiley:

Perhaps if you added some levity when you said it, it would seem a more apropos thing to say in pubelick. :mrgreen:

How does the saying go?

Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me…

Such simple wisdom seems to be lost anymore…

I have discovered through the support team at Sweetwater that a lot of the freezing and crashing issues could be a chipset compatibility issue. I have had to uninstall, reinstall, 5 times this week which I was told by Sweetwater should not be happening and is without precedent in Cubase 7. Screen freezes, lost data, inoperable features, total crashes, appears that chipset compatibility may be the issue and not my inability to learn the program. Anyone else heard of this? I was given several examples of this very same situation occurring in the past with other DAW’s . Apparently, there is a utility program called ‘Team Viewer’ that allows an off site tech to diagnose these types of compatibility issues in real time. I’m going to get with my tech on that first thing tomorrow. I’ll post my findings when available.
I apologize for getting sh***y but please remember that things aren’t always as they appear.

I do appreciate the help. Thanks.


Ummm…which “chipset” are they referring to? Sounds like tier one support-speak for “I have no clue what I’m talking about”.

Will be interesting to hear how that turns out anyway. :slight_smile: Let us know.

P.S. Also keep in mind that letting someone diagnose via Team Viewer is the same as that person sitting at your computer and being able to do anything they want. Probably OK if it really is someone at Sweetwater…just sayin’

I would keep an eye out though.