¿Why Steinberg allows Hackers to sell Older versions?

Why Steinberg allows Hackers to sell Older software?
and does Not sell older licences?

its crazy to me…
Makes absolutely No sense, what the company its thinking…
go to eBay and search Nuendo 2 or 5 or any Steinberg software,
clearly its Fake / Counterfeit / Hacked / Craked / Pirate copy / “Windows Only” with a fake USB emulated dongle…

why Steinberg does Not sell older licenses?
i want to buy the 3 & 4, maybe 2, 5, 6, 7 & 8

simply im retro. nostalgic, call it what you want…
i dont want to buy Nuendo 10, period.
does Not have backward compatibility like ProTools licenses,

to me its insane how steinberg runs its bussiness.
Makes No sense to me.