Why still so short preset name fiels


I don’t get it…

Why do we still have these frustrating short name fields for VST presets, 16 characters is visible?
Or have I missed anything in preferences…?

Example in image below is from Toontrack Superior Drummer 3, and it is impossible to see what preset is loaded if you have (as I have) some variations of presets with the same initial naming for sorting purpose.
There are lots of space to the left and most GUI is responsive anyway, so why should I be forced to extra clicks to see the full name (or more of it anyway)?

And also:

  • If you have made a small change to an exisiting preset and click “Save preset” I think it would be good if the loaded preset is preselected (as it is when you use the “Load preset” function) so that you can just save that preset again wityhout first having to select it.

And if you want to change under another name you can make any necessary changes in the name before saving!
The function “Save preset” is for me primarily save the same preset wheras save in another name is another function (namely “Save as…”),
so logically maybe it should even be two different functions in the preset menu; “Save” and “Save as”!?
But having “Save” witch current preset preselected is enough for me!