Why the bypass of the Pre-gain does not work?

:imp: Question already asked about the MIX Console: why the bypass of the Pre-gain does not work? No difference in gain if it is pushed or not. Put it to-12 db. Everything is nice, the entry down to - 12 db. Click or not on the bypass, no difference. The bypass is nil. The meters also do not change, pre or post fader. This is a bug?

Perhaps the bypass is there for the low and high pass filters… :bulb:

no it’s by design , why would you want to bypass the input gain ???

This isn’t the question, but to check the original signal, if I decide to turn down the gain.

The real question is: I have a bypass for a section button. I click and not bypass.

It is pointless to open the light day in my living room, but if I want, I open the switch and the light! If not, why switch?

Response please Steinberg. Why a bypass which is not?

Not tested on filters, no.

We can bypass the pre-gain for a test. Also to give headroom without lowering cursors, more accurate near zero. But, again, I say the issue is not there.

The bypass is for the filters only and works exactly as designed.

You set the gain based on the level of your audio on that specific track or requirements fo feeding plugins and changing it with a bypass is of zero use However you do want to bypass the filters without also changing volume which is exactly what this bypass does.

I understand what you say, but I still disagree with the presentation of this function, as when, in the console. But, Hey, I know now that it is so, and I’ll consider it. Thank you Grim.