Why the endless spinning circle on a high end PC?

Hi, I just moved everything over to a really high spec PC but Cubase Pro is STILL giving me the endless spinning circle everything I do something. It lasts about 3-5s but happens so often it’s absurd.
I switched off auto save so it’s not that and I’m running VST instruments via midi. It’s so frustrating that after using Cubse since the Atari days, 20 years ago I might switch.
My system is:
i9-12900KF 3.20 GHz, 128 GB ram, RTX 3090 Ti GPU, 1TB SSD main drive, 1TB SSD for samples, 1TB SSD for files,


First I would test the system by using LatencyMon.

If it doesn’t help, try to use Microsoft ProcDump to generate a DMP file and share it via Dropbox or similar service, please.

Is Cubase excluded from any antivirus realtime scanner?

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Thank you, I’ll try that as soon as I get a chance. This PC works beautifully with every other demanding piece of software and there’s no noticeable audio latency. I’ll check it out and report back.

I haven’t excluded Cubase and I just run the native Microsoft antivirus. I’ll give it a go but it’s not been necessary in the past. Thank you :slight_smile:

It shouldn’t probably make a big difference on a modern system, but I’ve definitely had problems in the past with windows defender, if I didn’t exclude the Cubase executable from the online scanner.

Hi, well I tried it…and fingers crossed, I haven’t had the spinning circle yet(!)
Looks like you might be right - thank you!