Why Use Auto Fade and Auto Crossfade?

Just wondering if someone can explain why they use auto fade and/or auto crossfade.

Is it just so that you do not hear the annoying snapping/clicking sounds on play back when editing a track?

I just finished editing a bass track and could hear clicking sounds where I had sliced and moved audio as I was listening once in a while during the editing process, but when I was finished editing I selected the track and then pressed “x” to add crossfades. After bouncing the track I hear no clicking sounds anymore. :smiley:

Just trying to understand the significance of auto fade/crossfade.


Yes… exactly. Crossfade blends the two parts reducing unwanted sounds/differences in the two parts. Similar reasons for the auto fade. For me, I don’t use the “auto” fade or crossfade options because I like reviewing each area prior to applying crossfade then adjust it and apply it manually if needed. I suppose that if I had many parts that needed combining I would use it.

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Thank you Prock.

BTW, how do I officially thank someone on this forum? I see you have done so a number of times.


The thank you button is the “thumbs up” button near the “quote” button.

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