Why was my thread regarding re authorisation closed after 11 hours?

As above…why was my thread regarding re authorisation closed after 11 hours?

Because the topic has been discussed extensively and Steinberg reps answered all the questions they could in several 100+ post threads. Everyone may not have been satisfied with the answers but they were answered nonetheless.

The horse is dead. Leave the poor thing alone.

The Steinberg Mods ran out of Xanax after answering the same questions a couple of hundred times. :crazy_face:

But seriously, if you have questions, first read the FAQ they posted, then search through the forum. I’m sure you can find anything you have questions about has already been discussed…extensively.

They dont have some answers and dont accept customers challenge their bad decisions. It is probably a decision from Japanese management. Fukushima ala Steinberg.

For the same reason that we will close this one too.
Steinberg staff took the time to answer a lot of questions so far.
Please take a moment to read all this information as well as the official announcement and FAQ mentioned, and if you think that a specific use case has still not been discussed, then open a constructive discussion.


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