Why We Cannot Save the All Clip Automation Data with the .plugs file? (request)

Simple question.
I don’t understand why not.
It would help avoid a lot of headaches around here.

!! Please let me know if you know of a good effective workaround alternative to recall previously dismissed automation.!!

In most cases, f.ex., I do have two or three rounds processing the same clip. If the mixer sends me a new mix version, I will have to process every round again. If my automation is in the last round and I remove it to load previous chains, I lose the automation.
My workaround has been “Saving As…” a Montage version with the automation and recall from it only when I reach the round that needs it.
But this messes up my personal files system and processing tracking method.

Not sure what you mean…

I do have two or three rounds processing the same clip.

What do you mean?

If the mixer sends me a new mix version

A new audio file? Then why not just exchange the clip underlying audio file?


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Hi PG1,

Not sure what you mean…

I want to use only the Clip Fxs most times. But I’m using some heavy-CPU-consuming plugins. That’s why I need to process Round 1, add the processed file, and set up Round 2. Sometimes, I can have Round 3.
Supposing that my automation is happening in round two or three, if I receive a new mix version, I need to go back to round 1, right? But I lose my automation for the Round 3 ClipFX Chain. It’s not saved within the chain itself. To maintain it, I need to go for a workaround: I can either-

1. leave the original clip muted with the Round 2(or3) chain loaded to process the new mix when it gets there (by replacing the file only in the right round). The problem here is the montage gets a bit messy.
2. Save the original mix montage version as something like: “XXX Round 3 with automation”. Go back to the original montage, do all the other rounds, and then access the “automation” montage only to process the last round. I’m doing this way now. But when these new versions happen with several tracks, It’s not as good as it could be to have a clean and organized folder.

It would help a lot being able to save the clip automation by themselves and/or within the clip fx chain.

I believe this has already answered your last question too.

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

@PG1 let me know if I was clear enough or can help you understand it better.

I think this is the first time I’ve ever heard of a request like this. For now, it seems that doing a Save As… of each Audio Montage state could do the job.

The .mon files are very small and don’t contain audio or take up space. It would be easy to save it as:

Song 01 - Version 1 Pass 1
Song 01 - Version 1 Pass 2
Song 01 - Version 1 Pass 3

Then if you have to revisit it, save Song 01 - Version 1 Pass 1 as Song 01 - Version 2 Pass 1 and repeat the steps.

You can copy and paste clips/envelopes between Audio Montages, and you can easily replace a file in a montage with a new file.

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What is the outcome of Round 1? A new audio file that is used to replace the clip’s audio file? Not sure to understand.

Also, if you’re only using Clip FX, you could even do this on a single Audio Montage track using multiple lanes on a single track. Just mute all but one lane…use Save As… for the Audio Montage and Replace Audio File to update rendered files.

The lanes can act like a “Playlist” as you’d have in Pro Tools. Each lane can have a clip with its own Clip FX chain and automation, and in two clicks you can replace the source files.

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yes, after each processing “round”, I remove the FX chain of the clip and replace the file with its "R1"version, then start the new round (in this case, “round 2”. :wink:

Thanks for the suggestion, Justin.
I’ll give it a try here!

But I would like to be able to save the automation data anyway. It doesn’t seem like a big deal…and it would help a lot. It gives freedom! I would keep an immaculate environment :slight_smile:

Therefore, you render a single clip at a time, right?


I’m a new user but I agree. The ability to include plugin automation in plugin chain save would be great. Fast and easy to re-apply for revisions or to remixes, and super efficient to remove chains and minimize DSP loads when done with a clip.