Why we should support Dorico even with all of its bugs

Hi Daniel,

Yes, I was going for the educational crossgrade and did provide both my educational documents and my Sibelius splash screen as you suggested in another thread.

I should also mention that the verification process is a bit wonky in regard to this particular issue. The problem is that when you add a product to your cart and then submit your first verification request the process just stops there. You actually have to go back through the process in order to submit the second verification request. So the online store doesn’t seem to have a way to submit both proof of educational status AND cross grade license ownership in one transaction, or at least it never worked that way for me.


it’s already soooo much easier to use and better looking than the competition.


I must say that I am very impressed by Daniel and his team’s response to the torrent of issues that have occurred with the release of v1.

However, one moment of caution. Sadly, with many other Steinberg products (Nuendo, Cubase, Halion etc.) bugs and feature requests sometimes take years to be fixed or be implemented, and sometimes they never get fixed or implemented.

Let’s hope that the Dorico team remain able to provide rapid solutions to the current problems and deficiencies. I’m sure that many of the issues will be easy to talk about but difficult to imp!ement.

We’re confident that many of the pain points that have been raised on the forum so far are addressable in the near term.

Dorico is an historical milestone in computer based notation - and we are part of it! +1 to all who support this wonderful work of a great team - thank You, Daniel!