Why were my posts deleted?

I had a well documented post that my AU created with SDk 3.6.5 and 3.6.6 is crashing using XCode 7.3.1 on El Cap. Now the posts are gone.

Hi, I just checked the logs and we haven’t deleted any post from you. We only delete spam. Maybe something else went wrong, can you post the message again ?


Thanks for checking in on this Arne. One of the posts in the thread was from you. I’ll try to recreate the crashes.
I went on using Symbiosis to create AUs.
Just to have the same environment as you, can you, please, share the link to AudioTools for XCode you used? There are several versions available at the Apple’s dev. site.

A few weeks ago there was a massive spam problem, flooding my mail box with posting notifications. From the notifications it was clear that the spammers not only created new threads, but posted also to valid threads, resulting in the spam filter deleting the threads.
I’ve noticed the administrator but never got a reply, and the threads were not restored so far. Hope Steinberg will fix this…

we had a lot of spam in the last past weeks, and it seems that some posts including “spams” answer were deleted. Sorry for this, if possible please repost them…Thanks