Why Why Why can I not save my External FX Routing?

Very annoying indeed.



Agreed. This is so underdeveloped. I use it all the time, and I curse constantly…

Huge +1

There is a feature request for this… please add your +1 THERE!!!


FR thread here:

and another thread here:


+1 Seems silly that external efx routing isn’t either a) remembered in the project; and/or b) able to be memorized as a setting (drop down selection) like input and output routing.


I cannot see how this would be a complicated or time consuming thing to implement. Especially since it’s possible to save each individual fx as a “favourite”.

To xerix: How can a template help in the cases where you want to switch between complete settings in one project?

I hope steinberg does not forget to allow to save complete bus settings as a total preset as well.

This would be very handy when switching Interface in one and the same project (which can make sense).


Saving/Importing/Exporting I/O setups should be STANDARD in any PRO DAW.

Unless you assume everyone uses the SAME interface with the same connections and names used, enter Steinberg. THIS is one of the main reasons Protools still dominates, such a simple feature too

Did you try the Favorites Tab in the Studio Connections window? That seems to work

Yes, that works, bit still is some mousework/time.
When you switch to another interface you loose all connections. Being saved as Favorites you can recall them.
But first you have to delete all the busses, then recall them from Favorites.
At least the connections are correct after that.
But it could be made a lot easier, faster and less mousework.


As someone who has just integrated another 500 series rack into my studio:-


External FX really needs a lot of work. In fact the whole Audio Connections / Routing setup could do with an overhaul - this could lead to the ability to save routings in Track Presets etc.

Same thing here… having a 500 series rack, a patchbay where my hardware routings change constantly, it’s a big hassle having to reconfigure the software everytime.
I wouldn’t mind if the settings were saved with the project, but they aren’t. If I change the settings for one project, I’ll have to redo it when I load another one.

We’re all following you , buying your updates … it should be damn simple to implement such feature in your DAW !
Why is it not possible ???
It’s time consuming !!! PLEAZZZZZZZZZ !!!

  • several beeelion!!!

The current system is utter crap and a serious pain in the arse having to constantly reconfigure between projects and really should have been sorted years ago :imp: :imp: :unamused:

Other DAWs are much more professional in this respect. Sad but true.

I tought this would be added on cubsae 11 but guess what…