Why won't Project Window show multiple Master Outs?

Here’s a 3 screen view of my N10 layout.

Left screen is the channel view, Center screen is the Project Window & Right screen is the Mixer. Both the left and right screens show a Surround Out, a Stereo Out and a Mono Out. But the Project Window only shows the surround. Why is this?

I have a photo of multiple VU Meters in the Surround Master Out. I want to put a photo of stereo VU Meters on the Stereo Master Out and a Single VU Meter on the Mono out. But I can only place the photo in the very 1st Master Out. I suspect it has to do with the absence of the other 2 Master Outs in the Project Window.

Why wont the other 2 Master Outs show up there? Is there a way to have them show up, so that I can photo label them as I did with the Surround. Yeah, I know this is NOT a big deal. But I am curious as to why this isn’t permitted. Or is it? :question: :question: :question:

IS there a reason why all of the master outs won’t show in the project window? :question:

In the mixer window, select the desired output bus, then activate the “automation recording” mode on it, and then deactivate the automation recording and the READ button. After that, observe the missing bus in the project tracks window.

Thanks a lot! I was able to get the channels to show up in the project window, which then let me load the photos in to the ID Blocks. But, as you can see in this photo, the photos don’t show up in either mixer! :astonished: WTH?

What is the deal with making it so difficult to load track photos into these 2 tracks? I don’t get it!

I do not use pictures, so this problem has never encountered.
Therefore, I can not advise anything ))

Well thank you for the help you offered. I didn’t know that tip about using automation to make tracks pop up in the project window. I still don’t understand the logic behind that quirk.

But limiting the pictures to the 1st master out on the mixer really has me baffled.

In any case, I really appreciate your help. Thanks again! :sunglasses::+1: