Why would I use Cubase over Logic?

I started my career on Cubase in 2008. Had to move to Logic in 2010 because of the studio I was working at.

I have since though always tried to move back to Cubase but I keep get disappointed and discouraged. I have kept up to date with all the version up until 10.5 when I realized Im just wasting money if it is not as efficient as Logic.

But perhaps some of you have solved these issues and can help me get back to Cubase?

1.) There are too many steps to create a new project and its too easy to make a mistake and save in the wrong folder.

  1. All the back up files are listed in the same place as your session file, creating a huge mess.

3)Scrolling up and down in logic is seamless and floats easily. In cubase is jitters and hops, making me loose track on where my eyes were focused.

  1. In logic you can zoom horizontally and vertically by gliding your finger on your Magic Mouse surface. In Cubase you can only zoom vertically and there is no solution to program it as a Macro.

I would love to show screen recordings, but I cannot see that I can upload any files to this forum.

So, in the end, I love Cubase and I think it is a fantastic DAW, probably the best in the world, but these few inefficiency reasons (it also crashes more than Logic does), I still cannot use it as my daily work horse.

Would love to see how other cubase users think and your grievances.


Here’s why. You will be able to once you read a few topics.

I can’t offer a solution to your issues, I have not experienced them. The zooming doesn’t bother me but I agree it would be a nice feature to have.

The #1 reason why I switched from Logic to Cubase (and I have no regrets whatsoever) is that I am no longer tied to Mac; the most expensive dongle. I can work on any computer, anywhere.

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I started with Cubase VST, switched to Logic Platinum around 2001 or so, but switched back to Cubase 11 a few months before 12 came out (free upgrade AND crossgrade pricing woohoo!), loving it so far.

I’ll admit its a little ‘klunkier’ to do some things in Cubase compared to Logic, but starting right away with learning all the key commands playing around in a couple ‘dummy’ projects helped and everything is up to speed now. There are some things I do miss, but so far nothing deal breaking. They each get you to the same spot, they just have different ways of getting there.

Logic has a big advantage over everybody else as they have direct access to the MacOS team of course, it’s always going to be a little bit snappier and more ‘Apple-like’ than everybody else but it IS Apple’s toy. Im still on an Intel, and the new Mac’s do sound nice and all, but I’m starting to get a little annoyed at the way Apple’s OS is moving so its nice I know I can leave and go back to a PC if I need to and not lose anything.


I’m using Cubase on a PC so I’m not sure how well this will ‘translate’ to Mac world

I have it set to prompt me for a folder when creating a new Project. So it prompts me for a folder and I almost always create a new folder. Then when I first save the Project I have to pick a name. Granted that is 2 steps but that hardly seems excessive to me since I can’t imagine a circumstance where I would not want to pick the names for the folder & Project.

True. There have been numerous requests to put them in their own folder. I’m surprised that didn’t happen when they added the Mixdown folder. As a workaround I have a script that runs every-so-often that sets the backup files to be hidden. That does result in a few of the most recent backups created since the script last ran being visible. But it turns out if/when I do need to use a backup those visible would be exactly the ones I’d want to use.

Do “g” & “h” not work for horizontal zooming? Also there are other Key Commands which save a zoom level and then return to it (sorry not at DAW to get their actual names).


K, thanks.

So the past decade of involvement in the previous forum platform means nothing…ugh…

Yes, good point.

I started on a PC, but never looked back when I switched to Mac 12 years ago.

However, I’d prefer a Mac as a dongle than any USB dongle. My USB dongles have failed more than my Mac has. For that reason I have phased out my iLok plug ins. Thankfully Steinberg has rid themselves of their dongle too. I applaud them for that

Yeah, in Cubase you have to create a new folder and name it before you can save the project file and name it. Two more mouse movements and clicks and naming the project twice is a pain in that a**. In logic it creates a folder automatically with folder hierarchy and you can save versions with alt names automatically created that will be in the corresponding folder.

Yes, g& h works for zooming, but not as efficient as just keeping your finger on ‘command’ and swiping up or down to zoom horizontally & vertically simultaneously.

What I was actually joking about is that the dongle to use Logic is a Mac. It’s become, in my opinion even as a former Mac user, too much of a premium price to pay to gain access to a piece of software. My computer is a tool to run my DAW. If Logic was head and shoulders better, then I’d be back in a Mac, but it isnt. I’m entirely happy with Cubase and thus, can’t justify the added cost of a Mac. I’m pragmatic like that.


Hardly. If you had an account on the old forum it’s still there

you can create a macro to zoom in horizontally & vertically and another one to zoom out and assign key commands for each.

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Yet, obviously that doesn’t mean anything because I cannot post a video/photo here until I have posted or read another amount of posts?.

Nope. I tried that. There is no way to program a macro to zoom vertically with the Magic Mouse surface.

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Yep. I agree with these complaints wholeheartedly. Here is another that is as strangely overlooked as the lack of vertical zoom… no ability to make Cubase full screen on a Mac. Just such basic things like this letting down Cubase.

In its defence I much prefer the midi drum programming, the dark theme, the built in pre-gain and the mixer sizing ability.

Prefer in Logic the general sharpness and refinement of the GUI, neater fonts, efficiency, drummer, basic EQ.

I don´t know what Magic Mouse surface is.
I know this macro:

I don’t really understand MAC environment users. You have Logic which is perfectly integrated into this environment and it’s an excellent DAW, it has absolutely nothing to envy to its competitors. Why do you want to change? This is the question you should be asking yourself.

Personally, I chose Cubase because it allowed me to work in the two main platforms: MAC and Windows; because my job required it.

I have some friends who only work on MAC, they never felt the need to leave Logic, because it does everything they need.

If you use several DAWs, you will always be in comparison and will never be satisfied, because you will constantly want to transfer from one DAW to another the features of one or the other.

What do you do with a DAW? Music… Focus on writing your music and use your DAW to fulfill that need. Personally, I have no complaints about Cubase and if I had, it would be because it prevents me from completing a composition. This never happened to come until now.

Last thought. If you decide to change DAW, do it and don’t look back so you don’t constantly regret it. However, I don’t see how you could regret it with Cubase…


Well, there are two schools of composers.

You have the ones whom you identify with which stick to your same tools for life, and then you have guys like John Paesano who changes DAW from time to time. Same for Greg Wells (Adele, Katy Perry,…) went to Logic after 20 years in Pro Tools, with a brief stint on Abelton in between there.

I tend to lean on the latter because I like to change things up. The frustration and challenge in a new environment leads to new discoveries and outcomes.

As a previous PC user (I used to build and sell PC’s for a computer components company), I have found that I will be a Mac user forever - I will not budge on that one.

But for my studio, I have to venture between Sibelius, Dorico, Pro Tools, Reason and Logic. Cubase is probably my favorite DAW when it comes down to customizability, and certain tools I really like (midi editor in the track), but the few things I mentioned in my post and a couple others (midi editor window will not stay open) are just the tings I cannot deal with on a daily basis.

Im just hoping that if the zoom problems and other things could be dealt with, I would love to upgrade to Cubase 12 and spend the next few years on it.

It would be great if you knew what a Magic Mouse surface was! :smiley:

@UncleSasha, what’s wrong with preferring and using the same DAW without thinking about switching? You know, just because Adele and Kary Perry are taking the plunge doesn’t mean I’m going to follow them… Engineers like Greg Wells and many others are called upon to work with various DAWs, it’s part of the job, but personally I don’t know their preferences; do you know them?

You know very well that when we work with various software that are dedicated to the same task that differences are inevitable. We wish they were all doing the same thing the same way, but that’s not how it is. That’s what makes it interesting, each have their strengths and weaknesses. It’s up to everyone to see which one or ones best meet their needs.

Your post should instead be tagged as ‘‘Feature Request’’ and worded differently, that way I wouldn’t get the impression that you are complaining about things that Cubase doesn’t have and should have because others DAWs have it. There are so many such comments on this forum.

Cubase is definitely different from all other DAWs. If there is anything, feature or whatever you would like this one to have. Make a request and be precise and clear in your request. There is a tag specially provided for this purpose on this forum. Complaining about this or that gets you nowhere.

Notice that you also have this right to complain… :wink:

That’s not what I said at all. There is no where indicating that I think it is wrong to stick with one DAW. There is nothing wrong with sticking with one daw. I was pointing out that there’s nothing wrong with going back and forth between daws, responding to your comment about sticking to one daw.

All of my ‘complaints’ above have been sent in to the ‘feature request’ twice over the past 4-5 years on the previous forum. And yes, was worded differently. That is also why I was bummed I couldn’t post video here because I made screen recordings of the problems from that same time period.