Why would I want to "bounce" a track?

The manual is a bit thin on this. Guess I should know, I have been at this for awhile and have read the paperwork, but what does bouncing do other than making the display all neat and clean again?
And while we are at it, why would I want to freeze edits?

I will appreciate any help offered.

Bouncing tracks will free up your cpu. The same is for edits. This used to be done in a time when pc’s and mac’s wheren’t as powerfull as they are today.

Bouncing tracks is a great way of consolidating loads of takes into one track, eg. when you have comped many vocal track takes using lanes.

It will also write a singe file into the pool.

It is less handy for reducing CPU load as it will not take and inserts or sends into account, where freeze or export track would be more appropriate.

thanx guys - makes sense