Why would someone with SpectraLayers One buy SpectraLayers Elements?

I have just started with SpectraLayers and find it has some futiontions that I am sure I can use withing my productions, even more, I see things in Pro that would be quite useful.

However when I compaire One vs Elements, besides a small few things, I am not sure why one would buy Elements.

Can someone help me understand why someone would go to Elements and not Pro.

And come on Steinberg, no upgrade path from One? When it seems One and Elements is the same thing.

I wouldn’t say those are a few small things.

In the comparison chart, under Processing and Editing and there are big differences: EQ Match, Noise Reduction, Hum Reduction, Click Repair, Eraser, Amplifier, Frequency Repair.

As far getting as upgrade discounts go, S. One is entirely free, S. Elements costs money, so people who pay get a discount later.

Someone who owns a version of Cubase that doesn’t come with S. One, or of course someone who doesn’t own Cubase?

Thanks @steve , your input is well thought out and I do understand your points. However I guess I am looking at it from the point of
Because I use Cubase Pro, I have a number of Plugins that I use for EQ Match, Noise Reduction, Hum Reduction, Click Repair, Eraser, Amplifier, Frequency Repair.
But I understand your point.

As well. Based on the cost of Cubase the path to the other pro apps might be a little more cost friendly. If I spend more more on RX 8, I could save on SL9. But because I own Cubase 12 Pro, I have to pay full price. See how that comes off a little odd?

Maybe so, but every company does what it can to strike a balance between generating sales and making people happy with cheap stuff.

I don’t follow…

My appoligies,
There is a Upgraded path for users of iZotope RX 5 (I said RX 8 by mistake) and later.
But not for users of Cubase Pro 12.

I also have RX 9 but I’d advise you to try demos of both that and SL 9 before deciding. They are different, and personally I find SL 9 better for some surgical things, and RX better for others (primarily general noise reduction ising the plugins). The integration of SL with Cubase is also important to me, and I find I use RX less and less. I doubt I’ll be upgrading RX again any time soon, the last few updates were rather underwhelming.