Wich new licenses/dongels works with old Cubase

Wich other licenses will work on an old Cubase 4 ?
Could , for example a C5 educational work ??

Reason for my question is:
Got new machine and updated to Cubase 7.
I´d like to plug in a new dongle and not change a thing in my old Cubase 4 machine.
= I need to buy another license of course. But this is to expensive just to not having to shut down and move dongel back and forth between old and new computer. + I could even use VST link between them.
My Cubase 4 install has worked perfectly over the years.

So found that there is a actually a small market for second hand Cubase. But wich ones works??
If not equal C4 licence then I need to go above, right? I found all these odd ones like:
Artist versions , Educationals and some other that´s locked to some mysteriuos Yamaha HW…

Anyone ??

It is my understanding that any license equal to or above will work on a previous version. C5 Educational is a full C5 version so it should work.