Wich versions has VSL , Vst system Link ?

Wich versions of Cubase has Vst system Link , Is it only “the big one” Cubase 7 that’s got it ?

Note: I don’t see many people using this feature (?) I do hope Steinberg never stops implementing it.

It’s works great! I have Cubase 7 , and bought a second hand Cubase 5 wich I can run on my old pc wich I had no use of before. = lots of more proc.power for almost free
But I’d like a more contemporary version now instead of the old 5.

even Cubase 7 AI (free with hardware) have System Link !

If you want to use 2 or more computers, this is the answer:

I’s a bit pricey, but it works perfectly and no sound card is required.

Ok, Thank’s !