Wide- ambient by Desert


used keyscape/omnishere/ Tina Guo cello / una corda / geosounds wind recording
no mastering yet. Mp3 export from cubase 8.5


The beginning is truly ambient. Immediately took me away. Great choice of sounds. Only issue is the piece doesn’t really go anywhere else - not that ambient stuff necessarily has to - it’s just that I yearned for a few diversions amongst my stroll in the countryside.


Hi Peter, I listened to this a number of times. It sounds very good. In contrast to some of the other wonderful ambient pieces you’ve posted, this one is very static. It’s a good sound, maybe makes sense in a whole album. But I do agree with Jonathan. Thanks for sharing!

Yes lovely mood ,kinda sits you down and puts you in a trance. you`ve done a deep and a wide is the next one gonna be high .

There are a lot of lovely sounds in there Peter.

However, you are better than this. You write more magical
and far more interesting pieces than this one.

I am coming to NDL again next year.

You can kick my butt then. :wink: