Wide screen monitor or 4K TV?

Hi All
I’m still bogged down trying to move on from 2 x HDMI monitors.
I’m confused by the scaling issue and have tried reducing by -25 but it made no difference.
I have a new PC with Display Ports and wonder if anyone has succeeded in getting what was on 2 hdmi screens onto a UHD or 4K monitor?
I started on Atari too many years ago but still feel a big 1 screen monitor is my goal,

Thanks, confused Joe :roll_eyes:

I’ve been happily using a 4K TV for quite a while. To be legible without scaling, I’d recommend 43” or larger.

And the refresh rate has to be at least 60Hz, otherwise it’s just too painful to operate the mouse.

However, I find I have to turn on the TV manually, because the HDMI output of my video card doesn’t do that automatically.

Not sure why you’re mentioning optical ports - those tend to be for audio, not video.

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Im using a 4k monitor at full resolution which is equivalent to 4 full hd. Monitors so I get double what you see on two hd monitors. My screen is 32”. I use my older reading glasses and don’t need to scale at all. I don’t see the point in 4k monitors if you then scale the picture as you may as well just have hd monitors


Thanks, that’s very helpful.

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Thanks, very helpful. The scaling issue is about HDMI 1920x 1080,

lol - that’s a brilliant alternative!

agreed - although there’s also a common monitor (not TV) resolution between full HD and 4K: WQHD (1440p)

side note: larger than 32" 4k monitors have also become more common since I bought my 4k TV. The advantage is often higher refresh frequencies (more important for gaming than DAW use) and DisplayPort support. But they tend to cost more than 4K TV’s.

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Correction- I meant Display Ports not Optical.
They handle greater resolution than HDMI- any thoughts on Display vs HDMI?
Ta, joe

I’m also considering the wide screen option- any users views out there…?
thanks, joe

do you know if I need a GPU for a 4k monitor or my onboard Radeon could handle it?

better than I could describe:

I can strongly recommend my 32" 4k monitor with this “Ergo” stand!

Depending on what I do, I can pull it in easily to inches from my face (no reading glasses :nerd_face:), or slide it on the side over my midi controller.
On top of this, it connects also directly to my laptop or even iPad pro via a straight USB-C cable, while charging it…! Also has Display Port and HDMI.

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If using a TV I strongly suggest making sure you have 4:4:4 chroma subsampling so text is crisp like on a computer monitor. I believe HDMI 2.0 is the way to go.

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Hi, thanks for the link which I had read.
I’d love to hear from those who’ve decided on a port/monitor that works best for them with Cubase,

I had a Samsung 34" curved screen 3400 x 1400, but I sold it and bought a 4K 43" flatscreen instead 3840 x 2160. I like it much better.


Thanks for your contribution John.
Chroma is new to me, can you explain it?
Is this a graphics card feature?

Thanks, joe

Thanks for this.
Do you use hdmi with your 4K TV?

I use the displayport, it’s a gaming computer screen.

Gigabyte Aorus FV43

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here is a link to explain chroma 4:4:4

[Chroma Subsampling: 4:4:4 vs 4:2:2 vs 4:2:0 - RTINGS.com]

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There is an image to download for the test
I have a TCL 50C725 tv.
and it works great in 4k
even with an older HD6850 graphics card
I am in 30hz and I have no problem with the display
I just added an active 4K HDMI to Displayport adapter

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Thanks, that’s really helpful!