Wierd Panning Problem

I run Cubase 10.0.10 and although many bugs were fixed, this just drives me nuts. I’ve read a lot of threads about panning problems but none seem to fit what i’m experiencing.

So i have this guitar track i recorded on a Kemper. paninning good for now. But as soon as i rout it into a group - it starts “leaning” towards the left, meaning there is more volume on the left end than the right no matter what i do. I routed that group into another group AND THE PROBLEM GOT WORSE. At the time of recording everything seemed fine but now this weird thing happens. Really don’t know what to do.

Another thing is that mid-song suddenly the volume at the left side drops and rises randomly without any automation, compression etc. Don’t think it’s a recording issue because everything was fine at the time of recording.

Please Help i can’t go on like this :blush: :blush: :imp:

Hi and welcome,

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

Could you attach a screenshot of your MixConsole and the routing (and Pans)?

I have the same problem! Almost… panning keeps leaning to the left like you said every time I select a track, regardless if it’s sent to a group of the stereo bus. Did you ever find a solution? Thanks in advance.


Does the panner position change? If yes, double-check all Remote Devices in the Studio > Studio Setup, please.

Thank you very much Martin. I’ve tried your safe mode suggestion from earlier, chose to reset the preferences, and it worked.

I have had this problem raise it’s ugly head first in 8.5 and now 10.5, only the tracks randomly shoot over to the right. The panners inside the plug-ins Halion Sonic and Kontakt 5 are generating their own moves, and in 10.5 I can’t even open up the automation to reset it to the centre. …Insanity beckons

Ever find a solution to this? Halion Sonic SE is randomly panning sound to the far left while using in Cubase. Also having the same problem when using a spitfire audio instrument in Cubase.