[WIKI] All Key Commands in Cubase 11.0.41

This is great. Thanks for the effort @ggmanestraki

One adjustment that would be useful is if an additional post could be inserted before the very first post and it just consists of links to the individual posts to form a table of contents. Suspect a Moderator would need to be involved.

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That wouldn’t be possible. But it’s a wiki, so someone can add the table of contents to the top of it.

Ah, an index! Great idea!

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Use Markdown instead of html. This will generate links. Hover the mouse just to the left of a line start, then right-click to copy the link.


## section title
## section title

Creates this:

section title

section title

Also, if off-topic replies appear, please flag. One of the mods will move or remove the post.

I think I’ve got it. Two things:

  1. What’s up with the links sometimes showing up as the full links, and other times as a description. From [WIKI] All Key Commands in Cubase 11.0.41 - #40 by ggmanestraki and down, every link shows up like that, and it’s ugly. Sometimes the issue resolves itself after a while when an edit has been submitted, as if it needs to “load” for a bit, other times it stays like that.
  2. I’m out of edits! I never knew I could run out of edits! I’ll continue after 24 hours, when my editing mana has been replenished.

It looks like a bug – @Ben_at_Steinberg can we bother you with this?

Edit – Not a bug, I think. I changed a couple from html to Markdown and links displayed correctly.

Maybe there’s a limited fallback to accommodate html, and I guess Markdown needs to be used.

The problem turned out to be line breaks after the titles. When we remove the white space and cram the title and the body of text (definition of table ) right next to each other, without a space, everything works fine. Noted.

Another thing I need your opinion on is this (steve’s and everyone else’s). Now that the links are easily available, I can copy and paste them to the top. However, they come out as oneboxes, with my name as a header and some convoluted information inside, like so:

This isn’t the best layout, in my opinion. Is there another behavior we can coax out of this method, or should I go for in-line links like so?




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new to Cubase and wondered if you can tell me why the cut/paste function is kinda “funny”. i used it before and i seemed to be able to make a selection, copy it, and paste it right after the end of the selection (in other words i want to slide the music down and insert the selection i made right after the cursor for instance and not overwrite the music like it is doing now- following the cursor. is there a key assignment(s) to do these things?

Maybe you have made a macro that somehow got lost? I always remember copy / paste working as they do. Especially for paste, it occurs at the cursor’s position.

If you want to have your music copied over right after the end of the current phrase, just use duplicate. (Ctrl+D)


  • Gotcha number one is that duplicate doesn’t work in the Score Editor, in case you’re using that and wondering why it won’t work.
  • Gotcha number two is that duplicate will paste the selected phrase right after the end of the selected one. So:

Let’s copy/paste/duplicate this:

Copy/Paste (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V)
Copy Paste

Duplicate (Ctrl+D) Gotcha, workaround

You can make all kinds of macros to first copy the selected part, then navigate to the end of the selection or any other place and then paste.


For the ‘Moving lyrics to a different verse’… the 2nd verse is placed directly on top of the 1st… and they are assigned to Verse 2. I couldn’t find a way to adjust that.

I think the “Move to Verse” function is there in order to create a “string” of words, so that you can select the first word of verse X, Shift+Click and have all of verse X selected. I’m not sure if it’s also supposed to auto-align the verses, and swap them after you’ve arranged them one under another. I don’t know if this sentence makes sense, I hope it does.

I just figured they should be formatted like a lead sheet with

  1. verse 1
  2. verse 2
  3. verse 3


Well, yes, it would make sense. Why don’t you make a new thread tagged #score-editor and see where it goes? Maybe it’s a bug? Maybe there’s another trick to it that’s escaping us? I’m sure the right people who know the score editor well will answer.

This is so incredibly helpful and inspiring me to create my own set of keyboard shortcuts, thank you for your amazing work @ggmanestraki ! :clap:
I just started a database to plan how to use certain modifiers to make it easier to remember the shortcuts I use (e. g. ALT + something always opens a window).

Is it possible to assign a key command to switch to a different set of key commands?
( I think it might be a good idea to create a key command preset with many Cubase key commands disabled. I want to quickly switch to it while working in Superior Drummer 3 (as they have some similar functions like start/stop playback and insert note etc.)
I prefer to use the same key commands for the same functions.)

Add Track > Note > “Arranger Track” is also unique to a project.

Thanks again,

Thanks Andi!

Unfortunately, not at the moment. There have been some requests, but they haven’t gained much traction. I agree it would be awesome to quickly switch between presets for different tasks via key command. Possible with Auto Hot Key or similar external programs, but not natively in Cubase.

Regarding superior drummer, I think there’s a setting for this, have the plug-in receive the key commands instead of Cubase, at least that’s my experience with BFD, but I don’t remember off the top of my head.

Fixed it! Thank you!