Will a group channel work for midi/sampled tracks?

I have a handful of sample tracks, which I made from right-clicking their files in “Media Bay-R&B Vocal Samples” and selecting “create a sampled track”… I may be doing it wrong but when I use the tracks they look like midi… Since they’re all vocal tracks, I want similar effects on them; so I decided to make a group channel. I then sent the tracks to the group channel, but the added VST’s weren’t making any difference. Is it something I didn’t wrong, or should I restart Cubase and try again? Any help would be great, thanks

If you open a Mix Console, can you see any activity on the meter for the Group Track you created?


The Sample Track is an Instrument track in fact. Yes, you can route it into a Group channel.

Yesterday when I opened it; it would slightly move just little minimal amounts. Not like you would expect as if it was following the volume of the vocal tracks that were routed to it… I’ll re-setup a group channel this evening and see if it was just a random bug

Okay, thank you. It must have been a random bug/issue. I’ll retry it again.

Thanks everyone for the help. I realized the issue. I was setting the “send” to the group channel and not the “output”. When I set the “output” it worked