Will a Roland TD8 V kit work with Cubase Pro 8?


A friend has a Roland TD8 Electronic V Kit for sale. He is selling it for £750 and firstly I am wondering whether it is worth this amount (I’ve never bought an Electronic Kit before) and secondly will it work well in Cubase Pro 8? Is it easy For C Pro 8 to Midi Learn the Kit pieces etc? I really want to get an electronic kit but because it’s quite old now, I’m just wondering whether it is worth it and will it work well with Cubase?

Thanks for any advice


Most drum sampler like BFD, Ezdrummer, SD2 and many others have templates for roland v-drums, several types are supported, go over to the websites of the plugin or look it up on YouTube, many examples online :slight_smile:

The bottom line is it’s a type of MIDI controller so it’s entirely configurable with Cubase. I’d be surprised if it doesn’t allow a GM drum map output which most drum VSTs will support.

As for value - if you search on a well known auction site and select sold listings you’ll see those kits tend to sell for £600-£650 as a used item - but then it might be almost brand new - it’s worth as much as you’re prepared to pay.

Thank you. I only ask about whether it will work well because I have owned a few things in the past, for example, a Novation Nocturn Controller, and it did not play well with my set up and Cubase 7.5. To the point where I got rid of the thing. Just wanted to know if anyone else is using a TDb with C Pro 8 before laying down that kind of Money. I’ve been watching a few videos and having an Electronic Kit sure does look great for getting Midi performances down. I’ll keep thinking about it.


remapping all the zones and ways a v-drums have onboard is a big task, I’ve tried it with a much simplere electronic drum and have given up. The main problem was programming the hi-hat response with shank, tip, closed/open, bell and combinations of the previous mentioned, it could be that this simple controller was the problem. I’ve seen demo videos of the V-Drums performing very good with BFD and Superior drummer, even Groove Agent 4 has templates for v-drum (v-drums are the standard in e-drum land).

Don’t know how many hours I have wasted on the hihat , I gave up too. It was just easier to buy a plugin that worked with the Roland TD.

My Roland TD4S worked out of the box with Superior Drummer 2. Should work the same for yours.

I have decided to buy the TD-8 so I’m hoping there are Cubase Maps for any of the Drum Libraries in Komplete 10 Ultimate or BFD3. I watched someone playing the TD-8 and the NI 70s Abbey Roads Kit and seems to work well. I’m excited to see what can be done with an Electronic Kit.

Hello, the maps are not available with Cubase but with the drummer VSTi like ezDrummer, BFD, superior drummer and likes. In Fact I own BFD3 and have seen the templates!

I think the price is too high for the kit which is a few generations behind. I have a TD20 which cost me £1500 and had £500 worth of hardware. Ok I did get it cheap as no one seemed to be buying them at the time. The TD8 is a generation before that and mine is 10 years old. If it’s a friend then surely they would sell for a price just below the going rate not above it?

I have managed to knock it down for £700 (It comes with 3 x Cymbal pads plus 1 x spare Tom Mesh Drum - so 4 x Toms). I am also able to pay for it in installments which is the reason why I don’t mind the price now.

A TD20? Wow! They are expensive. Am I right in thinking that If I want to ever upgrade the “Brain” of the TD8 I can? And Use the Current Mesh heads with it?

Ah well if you have a deal in how you pay that’s not bad. Yes if you update the module you can still use the pads you have. Have fun :slight_smile:

Yeah, I don’t think I would buy it if I couldn’t do it in instalments but as I can, I think it’s an OK deal. And besides, I am desperate top start getting down demo drums (before going into a studio with 4m high ceilings for recording drums properly) without having to either draw then in via Mouse Clicking, or tapping beats using a Midi Keyboard/CMC-PD.

Thanks for your advice and yes, I am a little jealous that you have a TD-20! :wink:

I have a TD8 here, works fine with EZD, AD, SSD, BFD3 etc

Ok, So I have the TD-8 and have it set up. I have it working with BFD3 and saw the Map preset for it. Works like a charm. However, I was wondering if anyone knows if I can use a Map to use all the Drum Libraries in Komplete 10 Ultimate? I have messaged on the NI Messageboards asking for any advice but I can’t seem to work out whether there are any maps or whether I have to Midi Learn every articulation?


Nevermind. I found the Preset Maps in the NI Drum Libraries. I’m hooked. Things are sounding rather great in the digital World nowadays! Already thinking about upgrading the TD-8 Brain and then eventually the pads. And to think, before I wanted a decent MPC style Drum Machine to bash beats out on. Why? When you can just use a V Kit! Amazing things! :slight_smile: