Will a Yamaha DD- 65 drum kit act as a midi controller GA4

I’m wishing to get some midi controller pads fro Groove Agent SE 4, and I have had my eye on the Yamaha DD-65 for a while as well, I wondered if perhaps its drum pads might function and operate the virtual pads of GA 4.

Does any one know?

Can any one recommend a good suitable midi controller for Groove Agent 4?

I sometimes connect an Allesis drum pad via midi. You can select the midi note on the hardware to play, which triggers the respective GA4 (se) drum pad as expected. It is basically a midi controller with only 4 keys…

Nice option to add a real human feel when programming a drum track, using velocities, should work similar for all hardware electric drum pads/ kits etc through midi.

I’ve used the DD-55 for adding flourishes, so yes it would have to work. :wink: