Will Absolute 4 just update Absolute 3

or will it a whole new set of VST instruments?


I’m a bit confused about this too. In Steinberg Download Assistant it looks like I only have the option to download whole new installers. It doesn’t appear to be smart enough to see I already have older versions of most of the same VSTs like Halion 6. So do I just download everything (content as well) and just install it all over the existing versions?

Nevermind. You download the installer and it detects that it’s an update and updates the plugins.

I had to download most of them even though the download folder looked like I already had them, so there must have been something different about a lot of them. There were some that “downloaded in an instant” when I click the download button, so I must have already had those. Then I went through and installed them all. There was a nice surprise…for me anyway. When I clicked on the Halion 6 content, it opened a window called Library Manager. It wanted me to pick a location to install the files. Said the default location wasn’t recommended as it appeared to be temporary. (That was the location it was extracting the installers to.) There were buttons to move existing content as well. I moved everything from my small C drive to my D drive.

When I ran the installers, some of them would say they were updating. A few were new. And some said they were already installed or they said the files were already there and wanted to know if I wanted to overwrite.

In any case, I’m quite happy with my purchase. I was able to recover quite a bit of space on my C drive and both Dorico and Cubase 10 still seem to work with the moved files.

Yeah, whatever you can move to a large hard drive, especially if you use an SSD that runs Windows 10 from it, is a good thing. I used UPDATED Steinberg Library and was able to move practically everything from Absolute 3 unto my internal D drive.

Anyone do this with Absolute 4?