Will be a Cubase LE 7.5 avariable soon?

I’m just looking into use either Reaper or Cubase LE for my “on site” recording (really my eLicencer will get destroy if not…)

I like reaper because it has no limitations. But Since I just need it for recording and I use an UR824, I think Cubase LE (with their limitations) can be enough and easiess for do all my input and monitor routing.

Now, Since Cubase 7.5 is out, I’m wondering if a LE 7.5 version will be available soon, so I can hold a little bit and get the LE 7.5 licence instead of the 7.

Anyone (maybe from steinberg) knows this?


Pd: Also I got an Cubase AI 7 that came with the UR824