will c5 open a c7 project?

I needed to send a project to someone who is using c5. Will it open or will I need to send the project a different way. Maybe omf or something? I really would rather not send it that way because it will probably not have my mixer settings. Is there a way to save it as a previous version similar to the way protools let’s you save?

Aloha Y,

Read your post and gave it a try.
My C7 project opened just fine in C5.

Of course C5 will not play the Halion 2 plug I used in C7
so looks like you will have to re-map with HalionOne sounds
etc but eq’s seem to translate kinda ok. No biggie probs.

Bottom line is: it works! To a point.

Good Luck!

Thanks Curteye for the info. I did send the project and the guy says he cant open it. I suspect he cant open it due to memory problems. The whole 32/ 64 bit thing. C5 will only allow you to use but so much ram. I’ll have to figure out another way or encourage him to upgrade.

Hi Yo Stro,

here you can find the official info: https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/knowledgebase_new/show_details/kb_show/compatibility-and-interchangeability-of-project-files.html

If it worked for Curteye, I can’t tell why, but officially it shouldn’t.


Thanks Luis. I think I’ll try removing plugins and see if that helps.

Aloha L
Read your post and went back and tried it again. It worked again.

Working in C7, I have been doing some preliminary work on a Steve Wonder piece called:
‘Golden Lady’. It opens in C5 just fine.

I will try and PM it to you.


Aloha L,

Tried to PM you but when I tried to add the attachment I got this:

The extension cpr is not allowed.

How can I get this to you? (if you even want it).


you have to zip it.

I am able to open a C7.0.6 project in C5.5.3.
If I have plug ins from C7, then it will not load that plugin, but the project opens fine.

Mahalo Steve,

but after ‘willynanita’ (using a PC and here on Mac ) post I guess the point is now moot.

(with some limitations), C7 files will indeed open in C5.


Hi curteye,

no need to send me the file. If it works for you, that’s great… but officially we didn’t test opening C7 projects in C5, so we don’t know which problems such an action would cause. For that we “officialy” don’t support that.

If it works and it doesn’t cause issues, that’s good to know. In case it doesn’t work though, then there’s not much Steinberg can do to help, which is why we have that KB Article with the “official” information.

All the best