Will Cubase 12 be affected if I delete Cubase 11 and its eLicenser?

Planning on deleting Cubase 11 and its eLicenser now that I have Cubase 12, but I wanna ask two things.

*Are all Cubase 11 projects that are now updated and saved as a Cubase Elements 12 project unaffected?

  • What happens to all the VSTs and Sounds and Loops registered on the Cubase 11’s eLicenser now that I have Cubase 12? Do they carry on to the new Steinberg licensing system? Will I have no problem loading these instruments up on Cubase 12 if Cubase 11 and the eLicenser are gone?

  • Can I carry over the VSTS and sounds from the eLicenser to the new licensing system?

That’s all I need to ask before I take action.

Why do you want to delete Cubase 11?

Even if you delete it, you need to keep the eLicenser, because if there are VSTs and sounds registered on it, you need it to run.

That will change when Steinberg has built new releases that are using the nw licensing.


All VSTs, sounds and loops remain installed.

All content, which is part of Cubase 12 doesn’t need the eLCC at all. If you use any older or 3rd party content, that one remains with the eLCC.

So say, Padshop, the Lo-fi Piano, and Granular Guitars are with the eLicenser before I got Cubase 12. That means that they are considered older content?

I’d figured since I upgraded from 11 AI to 12 Elements, I wouldn’t be using 11 anymore.

Also, how does the new Steinberg licensing work anyways, and can VSTs and sounds from the eLicenser be moved to the new licensing?

You can find a lot of information on how the new Licensing works on the Steinberg support pages.

And as @Martin.Jirsak said you will still need the eLicenser for older content, until Steinberg has released new versions. The software needs to be adapted, you can’t simply move it.

You’ll lose loopmash and and some other VST instruments that were discontinued in Cubase 12. I’ve kept 11 for this reason it doesn’t take up much room. But if you don’t still need them it won’t ruin the Cubase 12 installation…

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