Will Cubase AI open a Cubase 7 project?

I work in Cubase 7 in the studio but will also be using Cubase for bar gigs. The audio interface for the gig laptop is a UR-22, which comes with Cubase AI and serves as it’s license dongle.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to work in Cubase 7 and then run the show in Cubase AI? Wouldn’t be doing any edits in AI, it would be a play only workstation.

I won’t have a large number of tracks, it’s mostly MIDI and running the DMXIS vst plugin for lighting.

Anyone have any thoughts on the feasibility of this plan?

Aloha C,

Not sure about your question but

it’s mostly MIDI

wonder what would happen if you used a plug in C7 that is not
included with AI?

The reason I ask is because I use Cubase live on stage every weekend and have done so since
SX3. But I use the full version of Cubase to avoid probs like the one described above.

Downside: The dongle. But by being VERY CAREFUL and changing the
dongle occasionally when it start to fall apart (I’ve gone thru several over the years)
this approach works for me.

Upside: What ever comes out of your studio speakers can
come out exactly the same on stage in
24 or 32 bit quality. ‘Git wi dat’ 16 bit CD quality’!

HTH (hope this helps)

Obviously It simply won’ t load then…

Hey, Curteye.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve been doing some testing and thus far things are looking good. I installed AI and it did indeed open the show without difficulty, including loading and operating the DMXIS plugin.

Figured I’d document my progress here should others be trying to do the same thing.

I need the ability to edit downstairs in the main studio as I have to program the lighting (adding note on events to a midi track). However, I’d prefer to do my edits in 7 just in case, and use AI as a playback system only. So, I installed 7 as well. Both versions coexist side by side without any difficulty. I can run AI off the soft license, and if I have the dongle plugged in I can also fire up 7.

Per Thinkingcap’s comment, I ran into this right off the bat after installing 7. When I brought up AI, it complained that there was no license for Retrologue and Pad Shop (I didn’t have the dongle plugged in). I don’t use them anyway, so I uninstalled them and the project came up fine in AI.

I have quite a few AI licenses, having bought 2 UR 22s and four CMC controllers. However, I want to understand the art of the possible, so I’m about to test & see if I can transfer the soft license on laptop A (I have two for the show, a primary and a hot swap backup) to the dongle and then to laptop B. Will post the results of that test.

It sounds like you realy make use of a lot of stuff in your show, so running 7 is probably a requirement for what you’re doing. I’m using Cubase for 99% midi output. I may drop in a couple of audio events (explosions and such) but this is a 3 piece classic rock thing so my needs are simplistic.

Because of that, I think the AI solution is going to be perfect for my needs, which I’m highly enthusiastic about. I just moved my 7 license from my older, now cracked and super-glued dongle to a new one. These things aren’t exactly robust. You’ve got a bigger pair than I do if you’re dragging it out to bars. :slight_smile:

Appreciate you guys chiming in. I’ve been involved in just about every type of recording technology since the mid 70s, from sound on sound reel to reel tapes onward. That said, I’ve only recently moved to Cubase as my DAW, having been through PT, Nuendo and Sonar, so my knowledge of this app doesn’t go ass deep as yours. Nice to hear from the experienced hands, especially those who are taking it to the streets for live performance.

Gotta say, having been through pretty much every DAW out there, Cubase is absolutely the pick of the iltter.

There shouldn’t be any problem, as long as you don’t use any of the C7 features that are not in AI (VST expression, VariAudio etc.) Also, AI has a limited number of tracks (32, IIRC), so it probably won’t load any track beyond the 32nd.

As for VST’s, that’s not a problem either. If you don’t have that specific VSTi on your mobile rig, the MIDI track will still load, but it simply won’t play. All you have to do is replace the missing VSTi with another one.

Yeah, so far, so good.