Will Cubase allow me to use different audio interfaces for input/output?

I’d like to use my Mackie Mixer USB for input to computer & my Presonus interface for output from Cubase.


Mixer USB → computer (Mixer ProFX16 V3 not full-duplex)
Computer–>Audiobox USB
AudioBox USB–>powered monitors

I was happy last night just to get it to RECORD via Mackie interface a track. But – no playback, even though Mackie also connects to same powered monitors.

My situation & system are common. Can anyone help?

i do not want to run my mixer out into the audiobox via the mixer main or aux outputs. i’d prefer to keep signal going into Cubase digital.
Instruments–>Mixer -->USB computer–>USB Interface–>Powered monitors

Question: Is it possible to use two different audio devices for input & output in Cubase?

Sorry to ask.


To do so, you have to use either ASIO4ALL on Windows or AggregateDevice on Mac to merge multiple ASIO drivers into one.