Will Cubase elements 7.5 come out soon?

Hi folks,

Just downloaded the trial of Cubase 7 elements and having a look at it. Just wondering as 7.5 in the other version are out, does it generally follow that 7.5 in elements will be out soon and maybe better for me to wait a short time for it?

I won’t be doing any massive big projects so your thoughts appreciated if elements would suit me, and if I would be missing any substantial features compared to artist or the main Cubase program?

To be honest I will mainly be importing sample audio files from another program and adding a little guitar and vocals.

Thanks for your kind help.


What did you think of the trial?

I actually own the full version but am trepidacious about installing it since I have a very stable 6.5.

Maybe that’s a good idea, thanks!

If i recall correctly, Elements 6 did not get the 6.5 upgrade, and went straight from 6 to 7 (not too long ago either)

I’m impressed actually. I have a friend who is well into his music and owns Cubase 5. We have done a few recording at his place. I understand he paid hundreds of pounds for it, so a bit surprised how elements looks, seems most of the stuff there and a few cosmetic changes to the GUI.

For what I record elements seems to be in my league.

Just didn’t want to buy and a new release out shortly, but maybe not, so now is the time to take the plunge.


I think side chaining is lacking and external instruments as a VST and some other bits.
I use C7.5 at home and elements on my laptop for mobile. Im ~Very~ impressed with elements. The main reason I took the plunge on 7.5 full. Elements is fantastic product, I hope not to fantastic for marketing. :imp: :nerd:

I hope this beeps your cell phone and wakes you up over there across the pond! :open_mouth:

From the website:

“Cubase Elements trial version runs without a USB-eLicenser”.

So does the licensed version, it uses eLicenser, but the one that gets installed into the computer is enough for that.

I don’t think that Elements 7.5 will ever come into existence, since the extra features 7.5 has compared to 7.0.x are all considered “premium” and not to be shared with Elements. Pretty much what happened to 6.5. IIRC, there never was an Elements 6.5.

I just moved from Cubase AI 6, which came with the Yamaha MOX8 keyboard, and when I upgraded they moved me to Cubase Elements 7.06. I can use the MOX8 as a VST (can’t speak for other instruments), and this is a Godsend. The integration I have is really helpful in my overall workflow. And, the overall feature set that comes with Elements 7.06 is staggering. I was a former long-term Cubase user who fell out of love back at Cubase SX 1 (yes, it was a long breakup). I had been using Reaper for quite some time with decent results, but decided to try AI6 for the VST integration with the MOX8. Once I saw it really work, I decided to give Steinberg a chance again and upgraded to the Elements package.

The package is very stable and I’m able to create music without the features getting in my way (too much - am still learning Cubase again).