Will Cubase LE 4 files be compatible with Cubase Elements 6?

Will Cubase LE 4 files be compatible with Cubase Elements 6 if I were to make this particular upgrade? Has anybody had any experience with this or had any similar compatibility issues?


I have Cubase Le4 and Cubase 6. Le4 works fine with Cubase 6.
I import projects made in Le4 into Cubase 6 al l the time.

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How much is an upgrade from Cubase LE 4 to Elements 6 cost in US ? Also I have been have a lot of crashes with LE 4 would it make since to just upgrade and forget about LE 4?

Based on this…
there is no upgrade to CE6, but its only $99. And you can download the trial then just activate it online. No waiting for shipping.

@ Jaslan…Is it worth the change from LE4 or can I still use my LE4?

They install separately (side by side) so you can download the trial and try them both out without interrupting the LE4. Just remember that the trial is for C6 and some of the features won’t be in CE6 so don’t overwrite your old projects with ones edited with C6 (just to be safe). I can’t speak to if it is worth it from LE4 to CE6 but give it a trial!
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I installed CE6 last night and loaded some sample and made a beathere are a few minor features that weren’t present. eg. when I change the bar bar setting from to wasn’t as quick as in LE4…just minor stuff I see so far. But I will play around some more and see what happens. Thanks for the insight!!!