Will Cubase pro 12 be compatible with Mac OS Catalina?

I’ve read that the new release is compatible with Big Sur and Monterey only. Will Cubase 12 be compatible with Catalina as well?

I can’t upgrade to bug sur since my macbook is from 2012…I guess I won’t be able to upgrade Cubase neither and I’ll be obliged to keep my 11 version for several years

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On my MAC (Retina, Mid 2012), the Cubase 12 installer says:

Which is why I’m updating from Mojave 10.14.6 to Catalina now.

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runs great here on my old 2012 retina

Mine is mid 2012 MacBook Pro not-retina and latest available OSX is Catalina.

Cubase pro 12 requires Big Sur or Monterey

So I’m asking if Cubase pro 12 will ever be available for older osx versions or not

I managed to install Cubase 12 Pro on Catalina, but I’m having some trouble activating it because of the server overload…

Does this mean that catalina it’s not officially supported but you could install it anyway?

Yes. No problems so far with Cubase 12 on Catalina. I’ve tested it and didn’t see any flaws yet.


Seems that way from another thread, where on a similar system to mine (MBP i9 with Catalina 10.15.7), it’s all working fine so far. And the above error message seems to support that too. I’ll try it over the weekend, as I don’t really want to upgrade my MBP from Catalina, but DO want to upgrade Cubase from 11 pro to 12pro.

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I’m on Catalina too but I’m experiencing an issue with waves plugins v11

Anyone else?

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Works fine for me with latest Catalina 10.15.7

Man, I want to upgrade, but I also have catalina os. Is it for sure working on it?

Working perfectly here on last catalina version (10.15.7)


I guess I’ll try my luck when I get home. Just don’t want to waste my time or money on this upgrade if it’s not running 100 percent.

I think I’ll be waiting some time before updating.
Since Catalina it’s not officially supported I’d like to hear more from you guys to make sure it’s stable

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Kept looking for information on it, and everything I read makes no mention of Catalina OS, so I’m also waiting.

It’s been 2 days i am working with it on a track i started with C11 without any bugs and everything (including new functionalities) are working smoothly (…all my vst2 are working perfectly too). I am on a mac intel (I9) with Catalina 10.15.7. I hope it will help :slight_smile:

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2019 Mac Pro running Catalina.
Cubase 12 is freezing and crashing WAY more than cubase 11.
It’s a real shame. I don’t want to upgrade my OS and I love the features and Cubase 12 but it’s very unreliable as it is right now.

Waiting to see if a maintenance update improves anything.

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