Will Cubase's Audio Engine / Latency Compensation ever be updated?

Hey Guys,

after successfully upgrading to C13 without a single Problem (kudos to Steinberg), I came back to the very old question I’m always asking:

When will Steinberg update the Audio Engine?

It is known, that every time you add latency-heavy Plugins / Copy Channels with those plugins etc. basically everything you do that forces the daw to re-calculate / re-“sync” causes Audio Dropouts.

I’m pretty sure 99,9% of Cubase Users have gotten used to that, some don’t even know this is “not a thing with other daw’s” but it indeed still is a heavily discussed topic amongst Pro Users who create in writing sessions, very fast, where audio dropouts can sometimes feel like they are slowing down creativity.

I’m aware this is not an easy task, but I still have to ask this question, since Cubase is otherwise an almost perfect DAW…certainly my Main DAW for over 10 Years.

Looking for your input.


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Glad to read that.

The whole time :slight_smile: there is an engine update in C13 as well (hybrid CPU support, thread scheduling, various updates, refactoring and optimisation).

As Matthias posted a while back, gapless engine unfortunately requires a lot of work and preparation under the hood that needs to be done before actually implementing. It is an ongoing topic, but the amount of time and effort it requires couldn´t fit into the C13 scope. But we´re aware it´s an important topic for many users.

[Edit: for context, this is Matthias´ post Proper audio engine: Gapless Audio! - #183 by Matthias_Quellmann]


I appreciate your quick response!
Is there a Target Version of Cubase for Gapless Audio?


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I´m afraid the situation for me is the same as it is for Matthias:

Sorry for this!

I agree: Cubase would rule them all if it got a better engine…

Hey Guys,

after working with Cubase for over a decade I have come to a point, where big feature updates are not on my wishlist anymore. I honestly think, Steinberg has done a great job with C13 and I can confidently recommend C13 to (monstly frustrated) StudioOne, Ableton, and Logic Users, and most of the time they love it.

But I always feel like I need to give them a heads up about one particular “bug” that will require a lot! of getting used to: Audio Dropouts whenever Cubase does Latency Compensation: Insert Plugins with latency, turn Plugins on/off, create New Track, Delete Track, etc.

When you work fast in a songwriting Setting, it does change your workflow a lot. For instance, when you have a piano sequence playing in a loop for the songwriters to do toplines, it is hard to start adding production stuff, because it cuts off the Audio and gets people confused or even annoyed. Funny enough, i’ve been in Sessions with pro-songwriters who do mention they only experience this with Cubase Users.

I understand it’s not an easy thing to fix, but I’m wondering:
Will Steinberg ever address this phenomenon?

This Behavior is imho the biggest differentiator compared to other DAWs and I believe it would elevate Cubase a lot.

I’m happy to hear from Steinberg directly on this.


I’ve read on this forum, I believe the post was by Matthias Quellmann if I don’t misremember, that a gapless audio engine is indeed on their roadmap but that it will require a significant amount of work to get there. Steinberg never divulges when they plan to release new features.