Will Cubasis control Nuendo?

Will Cubasis control Nuendo? It seems like it should, since the FREE Pro Tools app will. But I’ve learned not to make assumptions on any of this stuff. Anybody here know?

Cubasis is an iPad DAW. You must be thinking of Cubase iC Pro.

The store page for it seems to imply that it’s only for Cubase at the moment.

Works with Nuendo.


sure does … I have a great collection of buttons I use all the time for navigation, trimming, zooming … things I seem to not want to remember keyboard shortcuts for.

Which one, Cubasis or Cubase iC Pro?

IC Pro

Man, what a disappointment this turned out to be! I realize that I’m “very late to this party,” but I’m also relieved that I 'MISSED THE PLANE THAT CRASHED!" :open_mouth:

I hated the fact that my MC Control would ONLY page through tracks (no scroll strip like on the Pro version) and the touch screen is lousy! So I was going to download the free PT app to my cell phone to work around this problem. But then I was stopped because it was an Apple only issue. :angry: So, I decide that SB MUST have it’s own version of this. It does, but it is NOT free. Then I see this. Cubase iC Pro for Android discontinued - Mobile apps - Steinberg Forums WTH?!!?

I don’t get this at all! NUENDO WAS ORIGINALLY DEVELOPED ON THE PC PLATFORM. It was advertised as the PT Killer. I bought in at version 1.0 and have stayed with it straight through to the current 7.1. But ever since Apple joined the party at Version 3, SB has all but abandoned it’s PC Base. All the releases are Apple first now and even with that the PC versions seem like after thoughts. They dropped all the other codecs EXCEPT Quicktime without so much as a mention! They even left Windows Media and all the other versions in the manual. We all found out about the change on this forum when the other codecs mysteriously stopped working and came here to find out why.

Why all this bending over for apple? What is wrong with PC money?!!? PC/Android controls 80 - 90% of the market!

So WHY is our support so flimsy and easily discarded? I was all set to pick up IC Pro when I saw we’d been dumped and the replies to this announcement totally freaked me out (PT is free but IC Pro was $50 and then we get dropped!). Then to add insult to injury, the Apple version keeps getting supported?!!? WTF?

What happened to “Dance with the one who brung Ya?”

Couldn’t agree more.

What I think would make more sense at this point though is developing for Windows UWP. Doing that would allow one development to cover desktops, laptops and hybrids, tablets and smartphones alike. Developing for Android made total sense before UWP for sure, so now that we know they dropped Android we’ll probably never see UWP either.

I can understand the frustration. I just wanted to add some insight I had when talking to other devs. Android is not ONE platform. There is no “Android” out there. My dev colleague said there are different flavors of Android, every handset maker has their own little cooked up soup with their own branded and adapted version of Android, different hardware, dozens of different screen resolutions, and many handset makers operate at the lower end of the market. They sell one model for a few months, then abandon it for the next newer thing. Users of these phones don’t get updates of newer Android versions and are stuck with the old version. So there’s an incredibly diverse ecosystem of Android phones. Super old ones, old ones, semi new ones, and only a handful of phone models are regularly updated with latest patches and Android versions. Developing for this ecosystem seems very demanding and a lot of testing has to go into these products if the app should run on a broad variety of models. Unless you tailor it to one brand such as high end Samsung and Google Nexus phones.

That’s probably also why Avid only has an iPad version of PT Control. And nothing else. iOS is not the biggest platform by number, but maybe the biggest "coherent” chunk of any mobile OS.

Just wanted to add this perspective. Apart from that I of course understand your frustration. I cannot judge the quality of Nuendo on Windows, I have enough complaints for Nuendo on Mac :frowning:

Like I said, I really feel like I “dodged a bullet” on this one. I was looking at the videos on IC Pro and, compared to the FREE PT App, it looked very clunky in design. There were waaayyyy to many menus & sub-menus to navigate for really simple functions. Just doing the track navigation is really odd. You can only look at part of a channel, the channel view doesn’t reflect the channel view of the monitor, you need sub-menus for channel types? :astonished:

The PT App gives you all of the channels at once on a single page that you can easily scroll through for track selection. Once you do, you can select all of your channel settings by opening the channel and you’ve got 2 way linking between the app and the DAW the entire time, no updating process required.

Frankly, after seeing the PT App, I’m surprised at how lame the IC Pro design turned out and the fact that they wanted to charge for it is straight up laughable! :laughing: