Will Cubasis support AU in the future?

I know it might still be too soon to ask. But with iOS 9 supporting AU, will Cubasis support it eventually? I havent read too much about AU support in iOS. But I’m hoping it’s more reliable than IAA and Audiobus. Different apps always have some sort of inconsistent results using these two features, and I’m hoping AU will be more reliable. I’m sure IAA and Audiobus will improve over time. But I’m curious to know if AUs will be easier to work with, and if Steinberg are working on adding support when AUs become available in the App Store.

Audio Unit Extension support for Cubasis is in evaluation.


Thanks Lars. I’m definitely looking forward to when AUs become available for iOS 9. Things should get interesting. :slight_smile:

Blamsoft Zero Reverb has just been released as an AU for iOS 9. It’s compatible with Multitrack Studio and the upcoming version of GarageBand. I was hoping to see support for AUs in today’s update for Cubasis, but no luck. Any word on how soon we can expect AU support?


Blamsoft now have 2 so far with Zero Chorus released Friday. I really hope for a Cubasis update with AU support soon. I’m surprised that an app like Multitrack Studio took the lead to support AU and everyone else are trailing behind. :unamused:

iSem just added AU support as a free update. Add me to list of users asking for AU in Cubasis.

Cool. I’m downloading that upgrade right now. I love that synth. I’m sure the iProphet and iMini will get updated as well. :slight_smile:

Add me to the list of users requesting AU in Cubasis along with other enhancements.

Steinberg, PLEASE bring us AU plugin support. iAA is a complete disaster. Too many quirks with apps not working just from switching back and forth. Plus other apps are triggering sounds on their own. There’s just too many unexpected issues occuring for me to even want to use Cubasis at this point. It kills my creativity. It’s a shame that I’m wasting my time trying to troubleshoot everything instead of actually making music. I honestly can not recommend this app.

Hi Rich303,

As replied to your other post (please avoid multiple posting for one topic) we are investigating AU support already.
The lack of documentation makes it a daunting task to implement the feature. The limitations regarding IAA - as mentioned in the in-app help of Cubasis - is not caused by the app, and affects almost all apps supporting IAA.


Are you telling me that I can’t respond to another members thread about the same topic? That’s ridiculous. Do you know how many redundant topics are on this forum that you haven’t told anyone else to stop posting about? I’m rather insulted. As a paying customer, I have the right to discuss on any thread my feeling about the current situation, my likes and my dislikes about specific issues of the software that I bought with my own money. Furthermore, I understand that IAA has it’s limitations, which is why I mentioned that IAA is a complete disaster. Was I stating that Cubasis is a complete disaster? No, just IAA. But it seems like if I’m not praising this app that I shouldn’t mention anything. That’s no way to treat a customer.

Hi Rich303,

My reply was not meant to be a criticism.

With my answer I’ve simply tried to reflect on IAA/AU to give you (and other users reading the topic) a more clear picture about the limitations of IAA and the current status with AU.

We take our customers seriously and do our best in replying to support issues the quickest possible way where possible. It make things easier and is a great help for us if topics are addressed once.

Thanks for your support.

Greetings from Hamburg
& best wishes,

Hi Lars
By investigation, do you mean they are investigating how to do it?
Or are you still investigating whether it will be included in Cubasis - I hope that is not what you meant :slight_smile:



So how’s progress going 4 months later? :wink:


And link

Hi all, I ask every day a new story around cubasis. :unamused: (I love cubase, i have experience from ver 5.0 pc/mac)
more than most: tempo time stretch!
organization or adjustment with advanced folders.
more pixels especialy for ipad pro.
thank you

We hear you and have lots of the features requested here (including AU) on our list for future updates.
Next update (including new features) is planned to be released sometimes soon!


AU, cannot come soon enough.
What it adds to garageband is unbelievable, what it will add to Cubasis is beyond.
That and extra screen estate on the iPad Pro would make them a killer combo.

Please, please don’t disappoint us.