Will Cubasis work with Soundcraft and iPad

Hello everyone, I’m shopping around for a DAW software to run with my Soundcraft Signature MTK 12 board and an iPad 2 air 32 gig.

The end result I’m trying to get to is play a live show, have my iPad hooked up to the board, using Cubasis record the entire night. Then later on I would to into the file and adjust the levels, eq, etc of each track and make a rough demo. And possibly down the road use that system to live record into a better demo.

Thank You.


In the specification of the Soundcraft Signature MTK 12, I cannot see, it’s Class Compliant compatible. So you connect it to the iPad and use it as an Audio Device.

The research I have done is saying that the Soundcraft MTK 12 is Class-Compliant. So does that mean it will work and I’m good?

If it is Class-Compliant, then it will (somehow) work with iPad. Unfortunately, we don’t know, if it will send all channels separately to the iPad, or the Mixdown. The specification says: “multi-track USB audio interface”. So hopefully, it will work.

I downloaded Cubasis on my iPad. Then I went to Soundcraft.com and went through the motions to download the audiodrivers. Then it asked to open the drivers with Cubasis, which I did. And now I’m at a stop. I can’t find where to select the mixing board as an “IN”.

I spoke with a rep from Harman/Soundcraft. She said the driver for the Mixer is a driver that is meant to load on PC only. I think I’m stuck now. Unless I can find a different driver that is downloadable onto an iPad what will also work with Cubasis I’m out of luck.

There is no dedicated driver for iOS. This is the trick of the Class Complient. There is an universal driver for all devices. So if the device is compatible with this universal driver, then it works out of the box.

I switched gears to using my Asus laptop to record. The soundcraft board came with a Albeton Lite version. After I downloaded it I tried to set up the 8 channels from the board and an alarm came up " this version on lite can only record a max of 4 tracks simultaneously"

If I bought Cubase will I have this issue again? Once again, I’m trying to record 8 tracks from the Soundcraft board into a DAW and mix and edit every track after the show.

No, Cubasis (the full version) has no this kind of limit.

Is the price for the full version around $600 USD like I see online? Or is that a professional package? Again I won’t be mixing, editing, much.


I’m sorry I don’t know the regular price. But until Jan 9, 2017, there is 50% off. See this news, please.