Will Device Panels ever get fixed?

This query is a carry on from here, http://www.cubase.net/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?p=960845&sid=dc23bebda8db79f8861f23a095751776

I too have a JD-990 for which I’ve tried to create a device panel - what a nightmare! The whole process is clunky, as described by others in the above thread. I sure wish SB would take another hard look at this feature and make the improvements it needs to be a useable feature.

Steinberg touts hardware integration almost everytime they have something to say about Cubase, but the simple fact that there are very few Device Panels available for hardware gear speaks volumes, let alone all the complaints/disappointments from users like me who’ve actually tried to create a panel for their H/W device-synth.

i have a JD-800, which is the same architecture and sound as the JD990.

ive tried making a Device panel for it. i spent a whole week on it. it is not possible. i gave up. the device panel in Cubase is a piece of crap. a waste of space and very frustrating. Another half-baked, unfinished idea from Steinberg.

the reason for the big problem is mainly because the JD architecture means that it sends four SYSEX commands via midi to move the filter for a sound. Not CC command, but Sysex. not one command down the midi lead, but four.

the reason why it sends four is because it sends one sysex command per sound layer, and sounds in the JD have (up to) four layers.

There is no way to assign a graphical fader in the Cubase Device panel to link to four Sysex commands. the damn thing will only allow one. So Steinberg want us to move four faders at once, with four mouse pointers in sync, just to make the sound on your JD synth be filtered from the Cubase screen? yeah right, sure.

ive tried everything, including what some describe as “hidden” linked faders, creating a longer sysex command and trying to trick it into being two commands hidden in the string, tried hacking the xml file, etc. it just is not possible until Steinberg fix it. They have not even updated it since SX3, they could not care grrrr