Will/does the Dorico for iPad lifetime subscription have a student discount?

Pretty straightforward question, I have nothing to add lol :slight_smile:

I don’t think you could verify that you’re a student through the Apple Store given Apple’s policy, however they did say that they would have a discount in July if I remember correctly


Of course they have to get the ability to buy the lifetime subscription fixed – currently we can’t make the purchase.

That’s odd, I bought the lifetime subscription today with no issues.

Random note, they really need to add the ability to scroll through the score with the mouse pad :confused: scrolling with touch gestures is very glitchy and frustrating.

+1 (on the “Random Note”) - Every time I move around the Score/Part, I have to remember to touch a blank space to de-select anything that may have become active. I’m spending too much time correcting oddities that appear unintentionally. Not picking, yes, but it does cause extra work.

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Will you be a student for life, or are you happy to pay for it when you graduate? :smiley:


Regarding scrolling with the trackpad on the Magic Keyboard, we definitely want to support this, but as yet we’re unable to retrieve the events generated by the trackpad via the Qt framework we’re using. We’ll implement this as soon as we can.

In terms of educational discounts in the App Store, although you can offer your apps at a discount to educational customers, that doesn’t currently extend to in-app purchases.

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How did you do that? When I start Dorico for iPad I see no place where I can purchase the lifetime version. I did pay for a one-year subscription initially, but when I installed the latest version I had one chance to buy it but when I tapped on the price to purchase it nothing happened and that hasn’t reappeared. I’m in the USA, I wonder if location has anything to do with the ability to purchase or not.

David, what I suggest you do is cancel your subscription so that it won’t renew at the end of the subscription period. Then after it has expired, you will be prompted to subscribe again (or you can click the Subscribe button that will appear in the top right corner of the Hub when you have no subscription and no lifetime unlock), and then you can buy the lifetime unlock from in there.

Certainly I would advise waiting for a little while anyway as we will be running a sales promotion that will include the lifetime unlock option, as well as some savings on desktop Dorico, later in the summer. Even if you bought your annual subscription on the day of Dorico for iPad’s release at the end of July 2021, you still have at least a month remaining on the subscription, so it makes sense to wait at least a while longer.

(Though of course we very much appreciate anybody who chooses to buy the lifetime unlock at its current full price. However, I want to be transparent that a sale is coming in the relatively near future, since money is tight for everybody at the moment.)

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I can’t find ANY link to my subscription – how do I cancel it? On the Hub screen the only icons which show up are to “Open Recent”, “Create New”, “Learn”, or “open or import file.” If I open a score and tap on the menu icon there is no entry that allows me to find my subscription settings. What am I doing wrong? I don’t mind waiting and taking advantage of the discount which seems to be forthcoming but I can’t find anything on my hub screen which will allow me to do anything regarding my subscription. If I tap the “Learn” icon I get I get a screen with tutorials, videos, the blog, and icons for “Forum” and “Manual.” On the “Open Recent” screen I see icons for the two files I’ve worked on and two icons to select the kind of display. Neither display offers me any icon to get to my subscription settings.

On your iPad, go to your Apple ID in the system settings, and the fourth line down from the top will be your ‘subscriptions’ pane.

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Thank you – I never knew that subscriptions were listed there! I could have sworn that when I first started Dorico’s new version there was a link on the Hub page that took me to my subscription information. Oh well, that doesn’t matter now because you’ve solved my problem!

Thank you!

My next question then is how will I be able to take advantage of the forthcoming sale price to purchase the lifetime unlock? I’ve cancelled my subscription now, but won’t want to wait until my subscription runs out in April '23 because the price will likely be the full price again at that time.
Having cancelled my subscription and having shut down Dorico on my iPad and done a hard reset of my iPad and still when I start Dorico there is no screen that would allow me to buy the lifetime unlock. I know I must be missing something simple like finding that subscriptions page, but I can’t figure it out.

Just purchase the lifetime unlock when it becomes available at the sale price. The problem, of course, is that you’ll essentially have paid for a year’s subscription for naught. So, in the end, it may well be worth the wait until sometime next year, or even later in the year. I doubt this will be the one and only time the lifetime unlock goes on sale. I’m not speaking from any place of authority, but sales happen a few times every year.

Yes, although nothing concrete is planned, I imagine we will offer the lifetime unlock option at a sale price from time to time, so there’s no desperate need to jump on board right away. If you just purchased your annual subscription in April, I suggest you simply sit tight and see where things stand when you’re close to the end of your subscription period.

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Awe man, didn’t think of that… Could just payed 3.99 for the month and waited for the lifetime discount next month… grrrr… :confused:

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For buying at full price, Julian, you receive a special vote of thanks from me. I’m sure it’s not much comfort though :slight_smile: