Will Dorico 5.1 support Iconica Opus?

Since the full Iconica version is on sale now, but Dorico 5.1 won’t be released for another few weeks (?), I’m wondering if it would be a good idea to buy the Iconica Opus full version now - assuming that it will be “fully supported” by Dorico 5.1. Can this be expected, or will there be Iconica Sketch support “only”, at least at first (kind of like with Groove Agent (SE), where the full version can’t fully be used yet)?

Or can we hope for a special Iconica offer during 5.1’s release period, so it’s worth waiting a little longer?


There’s already an Iconica Sections & Players playback template available here:

We won’t be including a full playback template for Iconica Sections & Players in Dorico 5.1, but we might build one for the future. Iconica Sections & Players is so demanding of system resources that I’m not sure how practical it is for most users.


I purchased iconica opus and uploaded the template file for VEPro. My VEPro input window indicates Halion sonic SE 3 in red font with exclamation on both sides, instead of halion 7, and none of sounds are loaded. When I open dorico 5 file, VEPro says error message indicating that Halion Sonic SE 3 cannot load plugins.

Does this mean that I have to install Halion sonic SE 3 to have the template work? How I can make VEPro correctly open halion sonic 7 instead of hanlion sonic SE 3.

Please advise.

I have no problem accessing the Iconica Sections & Players template from the Blog Resources Page and having it run via HALion Sonic. What I cannot recall how to do is how to increase the preload from c. 8MB across the board in the HALion Player rather than having to do that individually for each instrument.

My recollection is that, in the years since John did the Iconica VEP7 template and Expression Map, it has stopped working for me as Dorico, VEP, and HALion have been upgraded.

I somehow managed to find Halion sonic SE 3 from legacy download page from Steinberg. After I installed it, now VEPro is recognizing and loading the library correctly. Most instruments can sound through VEPro. However for some reason, dynamics are not correctly playing. Especially, Tympani sounds very robotic and tremolos are not properly triggered.

So from my experience, if I say that because the playback template is written during the era of Halion sonic SE 3, Halion sonic 7 cannot be used with this playback template, would it be correct?

If anyone knows how to use halion sonic 7 with VEpro with the same template, please share your knowledge. I am completely new to VEPro and Halion Sonic. I always used Noteperformer previously.

I’ll check with my colleague John about whether it would be practical to update the Iconica Sections & Players template that uses VE Pro to use HALion Sonic rather than HALion Sonic SE.

Hi Daniel,
I currently use VSL or Spitfire but there are so many issues with playback level consistency matching up different sections (where there are playback templates and expression maps for Dorico) that having a single “full pro orchestra” solution would be amazing. I would purchase Iconica Opus if Steinberg was able to create reliable Dorico integration for the full orchestra.

Thanks for the feedback, Eve. The big problem with Iconica Sections and Players is that it’s really, really heavy on system resources – profoundly more so than Iconica Sketch. It makes Dorico projects really huge, because of the way the HALion state is saved, and the amount of disk streaming/IO will bring all but the most beast-level systems to their knees.

LOL I’m a user with one of those mega computers. But I understand that there has to be a cost-benefit to Steinberg to do it.

Thanks for your speedy reply! :slight_smile:

Your best bet is to use NotePerformer to drive a high end library. It drives Spitfire Symphony Orch and BBCSo; also Vienna Synchron. (And Iconica, too.)

Please at least update old VEPro playback template of Iconica section and player to reflect more up to date Dorico playback and Halion versions. It does not really work at this point.

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If I’m using Sections & Players solely for a string orchestra score, how large would the file size be? It’s been so helpful to have Iconica Sketch; everything works with such little fuss. Is it possible to load only selected string parts rather than the full Sections & Players orchestra? I’m delivering a score and don’t need a publishable audio file.