Will Elek Drumz work in Cubase 8

I would like to use it in GASE4 if possible.

Be more specific like, what OS/platform do you have and what edrums your likely to buy?
There is an roland td-8 thread discussing this, use the search function of the forum :bulb:

sorry, the sound set from Steinberg set called Elek Drums or drumz. I run windows 8.1 on Cubase 8.1 all 64 bit

Yes it works in C8 and GA SE4. I use it without having GA One installed.

thank you very much

Mind telling me how you got it to show up? I cannot find it even though I see its in the content folder… GASE doesn’t see it.

Right now the only way I can even see the sounds is to go into media bay… I want to load them from GASE.

When you open your preset browser from within GA4SE do you have the filters section showing? When you have the filters section showing in the preset browser you should be able to select Elek Drums and it will only show presets from that sound library.

No, I don’t see it… If I go into media bay and choose instruments, and then find it I can choose each individual sample… Basically, I cannot get it to show up in GASE4, but I can see it in Cubase.

I have reinstalled it a few times trying to click the for all users and unclick it. I looked in my app roaming under users Steinberg/content and it is there.

It should show up in this section in the GA4SE preset browser

If it doesn’t show in this section I can only suggest opening a support ticket.


It’s a bit tricky to find.
If you enable both filters and locations in your preset browser, you should be able to select it in the locations tab.
Then it should show 28 kits

this did it, ty so much sir!!!